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The Meadows Outpatient Center

A “step down” from higher levels of treatment

The Meadows Outpatient Centers

The Meadows Outpatient Centers provides intensive outpatient program (IOP) services to adults 18 years and older. Locations in Dallas, California’s Silicon Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona each offer the same high level of treatment The Meadows is known for, but in a convenient outpatient setting. This level of care can serve as a step-down for anyone who has completed any of The Meadows inpatient programs or for those needing treatment but not requiring an inpatient level of care. Every individual’s current issues and circumstances are taken into consideration to be sure they are offered the safest and most appropriate program for their clinical needs.

Scottsdale, Arizona
Dallas, Texas
Silicon Valley, California

Our Campuses

Each location offers the same comprehensive outpatient programming whether you choose The Meadows Outpatient Center in Dallas, Scottsdale, or Silicon Valley. Our campuses are located in business parks for convenience and easy access so patients can get the treatment they need and then return to their other commitments, whether that includes work, family, school, or other activities. We also offer virtual IOP for residents in Texas, Dallas, and Arizona.

Our Locations
Meadows Outpatient lobby

Program Services

The Meadows Outpatient program is a proud member of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, and all clinical staff are trained in the “Meadows Model” of trauma-informed care. In addition, our programs include:

  • Evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
  • A dual diagnosis approach that addresses any underlying mental health issues
  • Therapeutic modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, Somatic Experiencing® (SE), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Small group sessions providing valuable peer support
  • Small group sessions providing valuable peer support
  • A state-of-the art Brain Center offering neuro- and biofeedback
  • Thorough screening to confirm the right level of care for each patient’s current needs
  • Expressive arts, trauma-sensitive yoga, tai chi, qigong
  • Separate groups for sex addiction and young adults


Our Admissions team is here to help 24 hours a day and is experienced in assisting others with compassion, dignity, and respect — hallmark values of The Meadows for more than 40 years. The Meadows’ Admissions Specialists are here to help you on your way to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. When you call, they will lead you through a series of questions to determine if The Meadows is a good fit, and how soon your treatment can begin. If you are interested in The Meadows for yourself or a loved one, call or fill out an admissions form today!

If you are interested in The Meadows for yourself or a loved one call or fill out an admissions form today!

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