“With the Rio Retreat Center, we’ve created a safe and nurturing environment where people can gain deep personal insights into their personal issues and overcome obstacles and jump-start their recovery.”
Jean Collins-Stuckert, Clinical Director

Workshops to Make a Change

Attending a workshop at the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows offers an individual many benefits. A workshop can be a cost-effective alternative when long-term treatment is not an option. Individuals who cannot be away from their work or families for an extended period of time can attend a workshop and work on sensitive issues.

The workshops at the Rio Retreat Center are designed to guide participants on their own unique journey of healing, discovery, and emotional growth. Whether you’re struggling with the impact of childhood emotional trauma, grieving a loss, wanting to repair family dynamics, or simply want to develop a greater sense of self, the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows has a workshop that will fit your needs.

Life-Changing Experiences

We’re all human, and at times we may have a tendency to feel anxious, frustrated, inadequate, and a variety of other emotions when faced with life’s challenges and stresses. Our transformative intensive workshops have been designed by mental health experts to help people struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addictions, grief, or personal issues, and to gain the tools necessary to improve their lives.

The workshops provided by the Rio Retreat Center take participants on a positive journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. All of the Rio Retreat Center’s workshops are facilitated by licensed and certified professionals. Our experts have experience helping individuals identify the root causes of their negative behaviors and provide them with the tools necessary to transform their lives and begin making productive decisions.

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Workshops at the Rio Retreat Center are designed to help you understand your needs, desires, emotions, habits, and everything else that makes you who you are. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to engage in healthy relationships and have an improved sense of self. To learn more about the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows or to sign up for one of our groundbreaking workshops, call us at 800-244-4949 or contact us here.