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Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse often requires professional help

Expert, Compassionate Treatment

At The Meadows, alcohol and drug addiction patients benefit from a specialized approach that combines proven medical and integrated trauma services. We treat men and women 18 and older for substance use disorders, mental health issues, and trauma. Our expert medical and clinical staff includes 24-hour nursing, on-site physicians, and a full-time chief of psychiatry. This talented team of professionals specializes in trauma resolution using the latest therapeutic modalities alongside time-tested, research-based methods. Since each patient comes to The Meadows with a unique story, our team works to create a personalized patient treatment plan that combines varied therapies to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth.

What is Addiction?

For many, drug or alcohol use starts out seemingly harmless enough. You partake in social settings and then turn to substances to try to dull emotional or physical pain. Before you know it, though, the drugs or alcohol are controlling you. Severely impacted brain chemistry signals an intense physical need for more, and what once was recreational use becomes an addiction that affects every area of your life.

Addicted man struggling

Alcohol Addiction

An addiction to alcohol or alcoholism may begin innocently enough with a beer or two during the game, wine with dinner, drinks with friends, or champagne at a wedding. But for some it develops into a dependence where they find they need a drink to function. Alcohol misuse causes physical issues, relationships and work may suffer, and priorities shift as substance use continues despite the consequences.

Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction

From cocaine and marijuana to meth, heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain pills like oxycontin, drug addiction is on the rise. Whether its prescription drugs originally obtained for legitimate medical reasons or illegal substances used recreationally, the misuse of these mood-altering substances has serious negative consequences with a physical and psychological toll that can’t be ignored or underestimated.

Drug Addiction

Love Addiction

Ah, love! But there’s nothing romantic about a condition that’s painful, compulsive, and often the result of past trauma, low self-worth, or childhood issues. Love addicts tend to get involved in romantic relationships that are brief and intense, putting a lot of effort into pursuing relationships. Or in some cases the opposite is true: they devote a lot of attention to avoiding connection altogether.

Love Addiction
Love addiction

Sex Addiction

Also known as sexual compulsivity or sexual dependency, sex addiction is a compulsive behavior that dominates someone’s life. Those struggling with sexual addiction will prioritize sex above everything else, even family, friends, and work. Given how sex becomes the organizing principle, the person struggling is willing to sacrifice other things they care about in pursuit of their unhealthy behavior.

Sex Addiction
sex addiction

Work Addiction & Money Issues

Work is mandatory for most of us, but there’s a significant difference in prioritizing your career and struggling with work addiction. For many, the pursuit of money can go hand in hand with overworking. But whether it’s achieving for the sake of achieving or working to seek financial gain, pursuing professional success at the cost of your health and relationships is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Work Addiction & Money Issues
Work addiction and money issues

Body Image Issues

When seeking treatment for addiction, mental health issues, and past trauma, it’s not uncommon for some people to discover they also have body image issues or disordered eating patterns. Up to 65% of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 have some form of disordered eating, according to a report by ABC News. If not addressed, these issues can turn into a full-blown eating disorder.

Body Image Issues
Body Image issues

Break the Cycle

At The Meadows, we understand the seriousness of addiction, trauma, and co-occurring mental health issues. In a safe and nurturing community of their peers, individuals are guided on a personal journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of their disorders and given the tools they need to find healing.

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