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The Meadows offers a variety of unique, five-day workshops available to all interested individuals. These workshops specifically address the needs of those who have just begun a recovery process or those who have been on a recovery path and may be stuck or want to deepen their experience. Our workshops are a cost-effective alternative, when long-term treatment is not an option and cater to those who have already undergone treatment as well as those who cannot be away from their work or families for an extended period of time.
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For over 35 years, The Meadows addiction treatment program has been helping trauma victims heal and learn the skills necessary to cope with the devastating, and often hidden, effects of trauma. The trauma treatment program at The Meadows was specifically designed for trauma survivors by Pia Mellody and a team of world renowned experts including Dr. Peter Levine, John Bradshaw and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

Alcohol Addiction

At The Meadows, we treat all phases of alcohol addiction. From detoxification to our primary treatment program, we help patients build foundations for long-term abstinence and sobriety by making positive changes in the way one lives, faces problems and relates to others. Recovery from inpatient alcohol addiction treatment is possible. Many patients trust The Meadows' alcohol treatment program to help them begin the journey toward sobriety.

Sexual Addiction

Many sex addicts face the challenge of overcoming thinking patterns that allow them to justify their actions while blaming and criticizing other people. This often makes it difficult to turn to treatment. At The Meadows Arizona, we provide a safe, confidential and healing environment for sexual addiction treatment. Our expert treatment staff helps clients look at the core issues and underlying causes of sexual addiction.

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Treatment can lead to a number of physical and mental disorders, and can significantly strain or ruin relationships. Recovery is possible at The Meadows. Our drug addiction treatment options range from detoxification to an intensive, inpatient psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. Our expert treatment staff provides a best inpatient drug rehab for patients to regain control over their lives.


Our weeklong on-campus workshops offer an opportunity to experience The Meadows without enrolling in a five-week treatment program and provide a cost-effective alternative when long-term treatment is not an option.

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