Staying connected after treatment is an important component of successful recovery.

Treatment is just the beginning. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and the importance of staying connected to those who’ve been there and can lend support can’t be overstated. That’s why the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Alumni Association provides alumni of all MBH programs with a variety of ways to do that.

Connecting inpatient, outpatient, workshop, and family week graduates with a community of support to celebrate the shared experience of recovery, grace, laughter, and the willingness to take action is our Alumni Association’s mission and goal. The program, coordinated by Alumni Development Liaison Aleah Johnson, implements that mission through a wide array of resources, programming, and opportunities to engage that reinforce what patients have learned.

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Alumni support group

Online Support Groups

In these uncertain times, staying connected to support systems and recovery groups is more important than ever. For our alumni, we will conduct our Recovery Enhancement Group via Zoom online meetings. Additionally, our alumni have received this list of available online support groups:

  • – Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women suffering from alcoholism. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)/Dysfunctional Families is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of men and women who grew up in with parents suffering from alcoholism. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Narcotics Anonymous is a global, community-based organization that helps individuals with substance use disorders. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women help each to recover from their addiction. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Co-Dependents Anonymous, a program that helps individuals recover from codependence. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Eating Disorder Hope’s mission is to offer hope, information, and resources to individual eating disorder sufferers, their family members, and treatment providers. To find an online support group, visit here.
  • – Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) shares experience and hope to others so that they can overcome their sexual addiction. To find a telephone or virtual meeting, visit here.
  • – COSA is a 12-step recovery program for anyone whose life has been affected by compulsive sexual behavior. To find a telephone or virtual meeting, visit here.
  • – The S-Anon 12-step program provides support for families and friends of sex addicts. To find a telephone or virtual meeting, visit here.
  • – Al-Anon Family Groups is a worldwide fellowship for those affected by another’s alcoholism To find a telephone or virtual meeting, visit here.
  • – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a twelve-step program for people recovering from sex addiction and love addiction.  To find a telephone or virtual meeting, visit here.

Alumni Newsletters

Our monthly online newsletters highlight various opportunities each month while offering encouragement to all alumni. There is also information about Meadows-trained therapists in your area, a mid-month connection affirmation e-mail, details about upcoming Facebook live events featuring our Meadows Senior Fellows and other treatment experts, and book of the month recommendations.

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Alumni Events

Focused on engagement and inspiration, these events are held at a variety of different locations across the country. Typically, a trusted local resource shares their expertise, delivering a recovery-related presentation followed by a hands-on expressive arts project or other creative activity. These Alumni Events are free of charge with the exception of Alumni Weekend. A recent event held at The Meadows Outpatient Center-Dallas invited alumni to bring friends or family from outside the program to learn about topics like how to spot addiction and how to talk to someone about substance abuse issues.

Recovery Enhancement Groups

Announced through weekly email reminders, these regular weekly gatherings provide opportunities for alumni to attend support group sessions at all three MBH outpatient centers. There are day and evening options each week in Dallas and Silicon Valley, and five weekly group meetings in Scottsdale, including Gentle Path and Young Adult options. As with other Alumni Association offerings, these groups are free to anyone who has completed inpatient or outpatient treatment in any Meadows Behavioral Healthcare program at any of our locations.

Social Media

Many MBH facilities are active on social media as well, allowing alumni to stay informed and find encouragement on Instagram and Facebook, so look for us online.

Staying connected after treatment fosters accountability and provides encouragement. Research shows that the longer someone is engaged the better their chances are of long-term, successful recovery.

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Meet Aleah Johnson, Alumni Development Liaison

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Aleah Johnson earned her undergraduate degree from Washington State University in leadership and professional studies with an emphasis on event design. Prior to joining the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare team, she worked as an event planner, where weddings and social gatherings were her specialty.

It was only after she found that planning parties and being the life of the party went hand in hand with addiction for her, that she knew it was time to seek help. Through her own recovery journey, Johnson felt there had to be a higher purpose for her life and work. Wanting to make a change, she applied for a job with MBH, packed what she could fit in her car, and headed for Arizona.
Now she channels those event planning skills into recovery-related events and programs. Being able to spend time with alumni after they complete treatment, hearing about their accomplishments, and helping them overcome setbacks are highlights of the job. Johnson’s primary focuses are connection and community, using those to provide safe places and platforms for alum from any of our programs to be able to gain knowledge and connect with others to be successful on their recovery journey.