A Rehab Center with a Heart for Family

At The Meadows, we consider the entire family to be our client and recognize their need for recovery as well.

Family involvement in the recovery process is crucial, and we devote a set time for family visits, including lectures and workshops at our rehab center. Family dynamics often play a role in addiction, so it’s important to provide a space for the family to effectively communicate to heal.

Family TherapyPatient’s families are often experiencing their emotional pain due to the actions and behaviors of their loved ones. Over the months or years, disappointments, broken promises, hurts, and betrayals may have been building up. Family members have their own reactions, which can include wanting to protect the individual, feeling helpless, guilty, ashamed, angry, hurt, betrayed, etc. Our program is designed to provide education to the family and help loved ones come to understand what their role in the healing and recovery process can be.

Hope for the Family

Our ultimate goal through the treatment process is to help integrate our patients back with their families in a positive, loving manner.