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PTSD treatment

Shining a Spotlight on Military Sexual Trauma

By Melissa Riddle Chalos The brave men and women who serve our country in the military experience many difficult stressors that ordinary citizens do not. Whether they’re in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, or Coast Guard, life in the armed forces is intense, stressful and often unpredictable… Read More

Celebrating Independence and Those Who Keep Us Free

By Anna McKenzie Every year on July 4th, Independence Day, we celebrate our nation’s freedom and the people who have fought to keep us free — our military service members. But at times, it’s our present and former service members whose welfare is poorly prioritized. Because of what they experience… Read More

The Connection Between Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a significant public health problem in individuals deployed to war. PTSD is a mental health condition linked to many other issues, including anger, insomnia, substance abuse, and chronic depression. Particularly, PTSD is linked to people who are deployed to war. Research shows that… Read More

Surviving Harvey And Dealing With Trauma After A Disaster

“This is one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” stated Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas. By now, you have seen the news accounts and photographs regarding the situation in Texas. News reports have stated there are at least 10 people dead, with many more injured, as parts of… Read More

Military PTSD: Finding Hope in the Nightmares

Written by a former active-duty military personnel, currently employed at Gentle Path at The Meadows. In a world that is constantly in strife and war, we as a nation call upon the select few that have dedicated their lives in service to our country—the protectors of… Read More

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for PTSD in Veterans

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has invested heavily in the dissemination of prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy (1), yet 30-50% of veterans participating in these therapies fail to show clinically significant improvements. Evidence suggests that mindfulness-based stress reduction, an intervention that teaches individuals to focus on… Read More

New Focus on Childhood Trauma and Healing for Adults

By Nancy Minister, MC, Survivors Therapist I recently came across a blog written by ACEs Connection member Elizabeth Prewitt titled, “For the first time, SAMHSA’s annual children’s mental health event focuses on trauma.”  In the article, Ms. Prewitt writes, “It is both… Read More

30 Things You Need to Know about Trauma and PTSD: PTSD Awareness Month

My therapist prescribed me to drink more alcohol. I had described symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), yet once again, the diagnosis was completely missed. Even worse, this uniformed therapist suggested that I drink wine “medicinally,” beginning in the morning, to help cope with what he said was… Read More

How PTSD Treatment Cured my Back Pain

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my early twenties. Why were my young bones already losing tissue? Like me at the time, women who struggle with anorexia nervosa are at a higher risk of developing the disease. I also believe that my eating disorder may have contributed to my sluggish… Read More