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Artificial Intelligence and Nutrition

Advances in nutrition and food technology have led to the development of digital therapeutics: apps and other products that use technology to help people manage their health. These products act almost like pocket nutritionists, providing feedback on diet and offering advice on what to eat. But despite their convenience, the science behind such apps is still new, and the benefits are limited. Read More

How COVID Changed Our Eating

We all felt the effects of COVID and the related shutdowns of everything from offices to restaurants to gyms; it seems at times that those far-reaching effects touched every area of our lives, including our eating habits. Read More

3 Behavior Changes That Can Lead to Better Health

We all know the saying – old habits die hard. Changing behavior is difficult, takes hard work, and sometimes, takes a few failures to get it right. In the food and exercise world, I notice that the people most likely to stumble down even the best-paved road are those that… Read More

The REAL Meaning Behind Common Nutrition Buzzwords

Many nutrition buzzwords get thrown around. Three big ones right now are organic, local, and plant-based – all words you may have seen in articles and food labels but perhaps wondered what they meant. Are they all buzz, or do they represent something more? This month, I’d like to shed… Read More

Fueling with Fat: The Nutritional Remedy You’ve Been Seeking

The year was 1992. I was downing bagels at most meals and noshing on licorice-like it was going out of style. Nuts, butter, and oils were all evil, and I was sure that eating these high-fat items would, of course, make me fat. It turns out I was all wrong on this assumption. Consequently, I was not alone in my thinking. For too many years, fat has been vilified as the bad guy amongst the macronutrients. In fact, it turns out that all along, it was my bagel and licorice that was causing my weight to grow and my health to plummet.  Read More

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label: What Does This Mean For You?

If you haven’t already noticed, you will likely start to see some significant changes to how your food is packaged and sold. Rolling out Obama-era policies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring food makers to implement a new Nutrition Facts label, which will include the following information and… Read More

The Dark Side of Fake Sugar

It doesn’t take much effort to see that there is a myriad of “sugar-free” food products available to consumers today. In fact, for many of the regular food items available, there is likely an alternative option that is sugar-free. In addition, all your favorite drinks, including teas, coffees, sodas, even… Read More

Colorful Foods Improve Health and Well-Being

By Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RDN, Senior Fellow of Meadows Behavioral  Last month, I celebrated National Nutrition Month by asking each of you to dedicate more than just 31 days to get your diet back on track. To truly feel better, you should focus on well-balanced eating year-round. This month, we… Read More