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mental health

7 Ways Pushing Yourself Physically Benefits You Mentally

Exercise has been proven to have many benefits for physical and biological health. But it turns out that exercise — from a mild walk to physical challenges like rock climbing — can measurably improve your mental health as well. Pushing yourself physically may in fact help you push past mental hang-ups in your life. As you pursue a healthy lifestyle, it’s worthwhile to learn how to become strong physically and mentally through recreation and exercise.  Read More

Laughter: A Natural Therapy

Maybe it’s a popular meme or a witty pun. An outrageously hilarious scene from a favorite movie, or comedian Jim Gaffigan riffing on the ups and downs of parenting five kids in New York City. It may even be that funny thing that happened to you or a friend on the way to work, at the grocery store, or while on a date. Read More

The Importance of Inclusivity

Here in the US, we pride ourselves on the acceptance and celebration of the LGBTQ community. There are parades and parties and entire channels on television programming to support this important part of our society. With all the celebration, it’s easy to conclude that we as a culture understand the importance of diversity and inclusion for our LGBTQ friends. But recent research shows we've still got a long way to go. The pursuit of acceptance, understanding, and inclusion is a lifelong struggle for this community. And the struggle impacts not only mental health, but essentially every area of their lives, including education. Read More

Grief and Aging

Grief is an inevitable part of life. Throughout our lives we all experience loss and sorrow. And as we age, grief, loss, and sorrow become even more likely. Yes, we lose more of those we love as we grow older, but grief is not reserved for the loss of loved ones. There is so much we take for granted that we begin to lose as we age, and grief is the natural companion to loss. Read More

Success and Suicide

By Christa Banister Let’s be real. Who among us hasn’t daydreamed about how much happier life would be had we only bought the winning Powerball ticket? Or walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards, made partner at the firm, qualified for the Olympics, made a significant scientific discovery? As… Read More

Combat Mental Health, Trauma, & Suicide

It may be shocking to discover that the deadliest threat to active U.S. military members and veterans is not combat — it’s suicide. The United Service Organizations (USO) and other organizations are taking steps to prevent suicide among our soliders, especially those who are at higher risk due to military trauma, stress, or mental health concerns. If you have a friend or family member who is a current or former member of the armed services, it’s important to know the risk factors and how you can help prevent tragic outcomes.  Read More

Why Are Co-Occurring Disorders So Common?

“Co-occurring disorders,” sometimes referred to as “dual diagnosis,” or “comorbidity,” is a term used to identify when a person has both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition. The incidence of co-occurring disorders is fairly common because of the way that a person’s physical condition and their mental and emotional state affect each other. Addiction and mental health disorders often perpetuate each other; people may seek out substances to self-medicate mental health symptoms, or they may develop a mental health condition due to the effect of substances on the body. Both conditions need to be treated so that a person can live a fulfilling life in recovery. Read More

How COVID Changed Our Eating

We all felt the effects of COVID and the related shutdowns of everything from offices to restaurants to gyms; it seems at times that those far-reaching effects touched every area of our lives, including our eating habits. Read More

Mother’s Day Grief

If you find yourself in a love-hate relationship with the second Sunday in May, you’re not alone. Not even close, according to HuffPost reporting. Mother’s Day grief is real, and it looks a little different for everyone. Read More

Teen Treatment’s Troubled History

Teen treatment has been in the news recently, and not for good reasons. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jenny Pentland, and Paris Jackson are among those who have come forward with stories from their time in treatment facilities and reform schools that were supposed to help troubled teens. They're stories not of hope and healing, but of trauma and abuse. Read More