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COVID’s Third Anniversary Marked by Depression

While deaths from COVID-19 are trending downward three years after the virus first touched down in the United States, we’re still learning about the coronavirus’ alarming aftereffects on our physical and mental health. Of course, the fallout from the global pandemic isn’t exactly surprising, given how much changed about our day-to-day routines, work, and relationships since March 2020 and COVID’s one-year anniversary. Whether you tested positive for the virus or managed to escape its clutches, the pandemic was a stressful time for everyone. Read More

Independent to a Fault?

Independence is a powerful trait. It can give us a sense of self-worth, of purpose, and of life satisfaction. But it turns out you can also be too independent. Just as too much dependency can lead to problematic relationships and codependency, being independent to a fault has downsides of its own. Read More

Letting Go of Regrets

Everyone has regrets. Things we wish we hadn’t done, had done, or had simply done differently. Sometimes it’s easy to let these should-haves and could-haves go. Other times, the past begins to creep into our daily thoughts. Regrets can greatly impact our mental and physical health and take away from our enjoyment of the here and now. Learning how to let go of regrets can make a real difference in our quality of life, our ability to appreciate the present, and our future choices. Read More

Celebrities Sharing Their Struggles to Help Others

If you’ve ever flipped through a copy of US Weekly, there’s a rather comical section called “Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” There you may find Brad Pitt pumping his own gas, or a Kardashian smiling as she exits the dentist’s office. While stardom seems to come with many irresistible and enviable perks, it turns out that people with lives in the spotlight are very much “just like us” in ways we may not have considered. Read More

Regular Mental Health Testing for All Adults

Many areas of our health are screened at regular checkups with our doctors. However, despite rising anxiety rates in adults in recent years, mental health has not been one of them. Fortunately, the US Preventive Services Task Force is in the process of publishing a recommendation for anxiety screening for all adults under 65. Read More

The Trauma for Suicide Loss Survivors

Sometimes life and mental health can become just too much for someone. Losing this person to suicide is a tragedy, and that tragedy creates ripples of pain and trauma for the loved ones they left behind. For these suicide loss survivors, the story doesn’t have to end. You can learn more about suicide, find support, and begin to heal yourself and your family Read More

What the MISSION Act Means for Veterans

While the VA offers a wide range of healthcare options to veterans, there are still situations where they may be unable to provide what you need in a timely or convenient manner. Fortunately, the 2018 VA MISSION Act was implemented to ensure that veterans get the healthcare they need from outside providers if VA facilities are not able to supply it. Read More

The Healing Power of Silence

Is silence good for you? Today, meditation and mindfulness use the discipline of getting quiet to boost mental health. Research has shown that silence can actually decrease stress and lower blood pressure, among other benefits. So how can you experience the healing power of silence, and what does that look like? Read More

Mental Illness Misconceptions: What We Still Get Wrong

If a pros and cons list were to be made about the COVID era, I think we all know which side of the list would be longer. But as we reorganized our routines and adapted to new ways of doing life, one tangible development for the “pro” column would be the deliberate strides made in spotlighting mental health. In addition to destigmatizing the conversations once considered taboo among family, friends, and coworkers, COVID helped make it OK to admit you weren’t OK. Read More

Mental Benefits of Sports Teams

Sports are continually and globally popular. We sign our kids up for them, gather with friends to play them, and are ready to watch when our favorite teams compete. So what’s the draw, and are they worth it? And are there mental benefits of team sports? Read More