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What is Neurodiversity?

While there are disadvantages that come with neurological differences, there are also unique strengths, talents, and viewpoints that neurodiverse individuals bring to the world around them. Read More

Mental Health & AI

In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is swiftly becoming an integral part of our lives, it’s essential to examine its impact on mental health and its role in addressing the shortage of mental health providers. AI’s rise in the realm of mental health is indeed transformative, offering numerous benefits such as virtual therapists, AI wearables, and apps that can detect mental health conditions. However, the adoption of AI in mental health also comes with its own set of relational, technical, and ethical challenges. Read More

Why Specialized Treatment Programs

Specialized addiction treatment programs can make all the difference when it comes to your long-term health and wellness. When looking for the right treatment facility, “becoming alcohol- or drug-free is only a beginning,” says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). According to their standards, a quality treatment program is one that maximizes physical health, independently treats psychiatric disorders, improves psychological function while also addressing relationship and family issues. Your treatment program should see you as a complete and complex person with unique needs and offer you resources and tools for whole-life healing. Specialized treatment can do just this. Read More

Addiction Treatment at The Meadows

Trusted treatment with proven results isn’t a solo pursuit. It requires a synchronized team of experts, which is one of many reasons why The Meadows is the nation’s premier treatment institute. Clinicians and professionals trust The Meadows more than any other treatment program because of our impeccable reputation for quality, integrity, and proven results. Read More

What is Emotional Dysregulation?

If you or a loved one experiences a lot of changes in mood or has trouble managing emotions, you may be dealing with emotional dysregulation. This term isn’t exactly one we hear a lot, so you may be wondering, What is emotional dysregulation? Learning about it, its symptoms, and what it can be indicative of, can help you find the right support for mental health and recovery. Read More

Helping Someone Who Doesn’t Believe They Have Mental Illness

As a concerned friend or family member, you’re left in a tough spot. You want to help, but you can’t force your loved one to do anything. And until they realize they have a problem, they won’t seek the help they need. It may leave you asking, Can you help someone with mental illness if they aren’t aware of it or don’t want help? Read More

What the MISSION Act Means for Veterans

While the VA offers a wide range of healthcare options to veterans, there are still situations where they may be unable to provide what you need in a timely or convenient manner. Fortunately, the 2018 VA MISSION Act was implemented to ensure that veterans get the healthcare they need from outside providers if VA facilities are not able to supply it. Read More

Mental Illness Misconceptions: What We Still Get Wrong

If a pros and cons list were to be made about the COVID era, I think we all know which side of the list would be longer. But as we reorganized our routines and adapted to new ways of doing life, one tangible development for the “pro” column would be the deliberate strides made in spotlighting mental health. In addition to destigmatizing the conversations once considered taboo among family, friends, and coworkers, COVID helped make it OK to admit you weren’t OK. Read More

What We Do — and When We Do It — Matters

Is it better to exercise first thing in the morning or right after work? We’ve all heard the phrase, “timing is everything.” Carb loading before a big race is smart, but eating a big meal right before bed can negatively impact how well you sleep. It’s important to exercise, eat well, and take care of yourself. But the timing of when you actually do these activities makes a big difference in the end results. Read More

The Mental Health Benefits of Equine Therapy

By Melissa Riddle Chalos Talk to anyone who grew up around horses or those who own, ride, or interact with horses in any way on a regular basis, and they all agree: There’s something therapeutic about being with horses. In fact, the therapeutic nature of… Read More