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alcohol addiction

PTSD in Children of Alcoholics

By Bobby Shriver In addition to the basics of food and shelter, children also need stability, consistency, and emotional care in order to thrive. Typically, at a young age, children form an emotional attachment with their caregivers, and this has an influence on their development. The most important emotional attachment… Read More

Death by Detox: How “Just Stopping” Can Be Fatal, Part Two

Following the passing of my sister in August 2022, I struggled to wrap my mind around how Pip actually died. How did my sweet, hilarious sister become a statistic? How did she die from alcohol withdrawal? I knew it was possible, but as I mentioned previously, I never fathomed it could happen to me. One of my main forms of coping was researching. I had to learn more about alcohol withdrawal, detox death, and delirium tremens (DT). I needed to learn more about why you should detox from alcohol in a safe environment. DT is most common in people who have alcohol dependence. Dependence on alcohol occurs over time. Dependence means you are physically dependent on the alcohol; your brain has slowly compensated for the way alcohol serves as a depressant. If someone stops their daily drinking cold turkey, the brain then panics in its own way. Your central nervous system becomes overexcited, which can be dangerous. Read More

Death by Detox: How “Just Stopping” Can Be Fatal, Part One

We all know those things that happen in the real world, that we believe could never happen to us. As a licensed counselor and educator, I am well-versed in how complex it is to detox safely and why you should detox from alcohol in a safe environment. But my professional experience and insight never prepared me for what happened to my younger sister. Though detox death is rare, rare still happens. Most of us simply never think it could happen to us. But it can. And for me, it did. Read More

7 Dangers of Detoxing Alone

death. Every effective treatment plan includes a process called detoxification. Drug detox and alcohol detox rid the body of the toxic substances in which it has become dependent. Detox is among the first steps toward recovery. If you’ve asked yourself, Can I detox alone? The short answer is no. Drug detox and alcohol detox should be attempted only under the direct supervision of a trained medical professional. Here are seven reasons why: Read More

The Devastating Effects of Addiction

By Beau Black How does addiction affect you? Substance use disorder impacts all of us, directly or indirectly; the effects of addiction may be physical, relational, financial, or societal. The effects of addiction on those around us, like family, friends, and co-workers, are wide-ranging, but what about… Read More

Family Roles in Addiction and Impact on Recovery

By Wesley Gallagher In addition to establishing healthy habits as an individual, every person in recovery needs to learn how to have healthy relationships with family members and other loved ones.  If addiction thrives in isolation, recovery thrives in community, and whether it’s our family of origin or the… Read More

The Importance of Community in Recovery

By Beau Black Substance use disorder affects us all, in a multitude of different ways. The impact goes beyond the addict and his or her family, extending into the community. In our society we may face significant costs as the result of addiction. These costs can come… Read More

9 Ways Excessive Drinking Affects the Body

By Christa Banister Whether it’s beers during the big game or bottomless mimosas at brunch, there’s no shortage of occasions for alcohol to be enjoyed. But it can be hard to know how much is too much. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More

Addiction Denial: Could This Be You?

By Clint Fletcher As the worst of the pandemic subsides and we continue our slow return to normalcy, this could be a good time to self-reflect and ask ourselves some important questions. One of those could be whether or not you’ve been living in denial of any health issues that… Read More

Does Depression Make You Drink More?

By Beau Black Depression and alcohol use disorder are often connected conditions. Each can make the other worse, and one can trigger the other. Many who struggle with depression turn to alcohol to medicate their symptoms. But while alcohol may dull your senses in the short term, it ultimately… Read More