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Mental Health

988 Hotline Adds 24/7 Line Help for LGBTQ+

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline essential emergency service now includes LGBTQ hotline, chat, and text options. This means if you or someone you care about is struggling with mental health or substance use, you have a confidential, culturally competent, and compassionate resource in an emergency. Read More

Helping Someone Who Doesn’t Believe They Have Mental Illness

As a concerned friend or family member, you’re left in a tough spot. You want to help, but you can’t force your loved one to do anything. And until they realize they have a problem, they won’t seek the help they need. It may leave you asking, Can you help someone with mental illness if they aren’t aware of it or don’t want help? Read More

Postpartum, Menopause, & Women’s Health

Postpartum and menopause are two reproductive transitions that significantly impact a woman’s health. What health challenges should women be aware of during these seasons, and how might they best navigate them? Read More

The New OCD: Obsessive Comparison Disorder

You’ve probably heard of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. This disorder is characterized by obsessive thoughts and fears that lead to compulsive behaviors. With the rise of social media, a new type of OCD has begun to evolve: obsessive comparison disorder. Read More

Second Opinions for Mental Health

We’re often told it’s wise to get a second opinion for serious or complicated health issues. When it comes to your physical health, you want to ensure you’re making the best decisions possible. But what about mental health? Read More

The Financial Cost When Employees Don’t Get Help

As a business leader, it can be difficult to manage the varying needs of your employees, especially when it comes to mental health. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee mental health has become an increasing concern, and it can be hard as an employer to know how best to approach it. If you have an employee who is seeking mental health treatment, you may be struggling to justify the time and productivity you’re losing from them. In reality, the small sacrifices you make to allow your employees to improve their mental health will end up benefitting your company in the long run. Read More

Employee Burnout: How to Get Help Without Hurting Your Career

Workforce. Even the word feels heavy, with little choice in the matter. And yet, the force of work has always been with us. It’s the same in everything from fast food to Fortune 500 companies. The struggle is real: to make ends meet, to burn both ends of the candle, to climb the ladder, and hopefully “make it” someday. Read More

COVID’s Third Anniversary Marked by Depression

While deaths from COVID-19 are trending downward three years after the virus first touched down in the United States, we’re still learning about the coronavirus’ alarming aftereffects on our physical and mental health. Of course, the fallout from the global pandemic isn’t exactly surprising, given how much changed about our day-to-day routines, work, and relationships since March 2020 and COVID’s one-year anniversary. Whether you tested positive for the virus or managed to escape its clutches, the pandemic was a stressful time for everyone. Read More

Independent to a Fault?

Independence is a powerful trait. It can give us a sense of self-worth, of purpose, and of life satisfaction. But it turns out you can also be too independent. Just as too much dependency can lead to problematic relationships and codependency, being independent to a fault has downsides of its own. Read More

Letting Go of Regrets

Everyone has regrets. Things we wish we hadn’t done, had done, or had simply done differently. Sometimes it’s easy to let these should-haves and could-haves go. Other times, the past begins to creep into our daily thoughts. Regrets can greatly impact our mental and physical health and take away from our enjoyment of the here and now. Learning how to let go of regrets can make a real difference in our quality of life, our ability to appreciate the present, and our future choices. Read More