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Does Depression Make You Drink More?

By Beau Black Depression and alcohol use disorder are often connected conditions. Each can make the other worse, and one can trigger the other. Many who struggle with depression turn to alcohol to medicate their symptoms. But while alcohol may dull your senses in the short term, it ultimately… Read More

How Vets Can Get Addiction Treatment with TRICARE

By Christa Banister For anyone who doesn’t have a family member, colleague, or close friend who has served in the military, sometimes the only window into the unique challenges of a soldier’s life is from a big-budget blockbuster like 1917, Saving Private Ryan, or Platoon — or more detailed accounts… Read More

Addiction & Suicide Rates Spike During COVID

By Wesley Gallagher As we come up on a whole year of COVID-19 drastically altering our daily lives, we’ve all probably gotten used to many of the changes. However, we can also probably all look back and say that our mental health has been negatively affected by the pandemic. Especially… Read More

September is National Recovery Month

Every September for the past 30 years, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has sponsored Recovery Month. This important national observance is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrating the people who get up each morning and bravely continue the journey of recovery. Read More

How the New Drug Czar May Impact the Opioid Epidemic in America

The opioid crisis may have started with good intentions as doctors over the last 30 years began prescribing more medications for chronic pain. Unfortunately, many doctors and patients didn’t realize that taking opioid pain relievers will quickly lead to addiction. Today, opioid addiction has become a full-scale epidemic that affects… Read More

Growing Up in the Shadow of Addiction

Children who grow up with addiction and the relational trauma that surrounds it can carry the imprint of that pain for the rest of their lives. And as adult children of alcoholics (ACoA), we can be very confused about just what we’re healing from and just how we should… Read More

The Trauma/Addiction Cycle

Addiction encourages trauma and trauma can encourage addiction. This process becomes a vicious circle or negative feedback loop, with trauma contributing to addiction, which in turn fuels more trauma, which encourages still more addiction, and so on and so on. The Claudia Black Young Adult Center treats substance and process addictions, recognizing them to be primary disorders which reinforce each other and are often fueled by traumatic experiences. Here are some examples of how this process plays out: Read More