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Why Specialized Treatment Programs

October 4, 2023

By Alanna Hilbink

Specialized addiction treatment programs can make all the difference when it comes to your long-term health and wellness. When looking for the right treatment facility, “becoming alcohol- or drug-free is only a beginning,” says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). According to their standards, a quality treatment program is one that maximizes physical health, independently treats psychiatric disorders, improves psychological function while also addressing relationship and family issues. Your treatment program should see you as a complete and complex person with unique needs and offer you resources and tools for whole-life healing. Specialized treatment can do just this.

Your treatment program should see you as a complete and complex person with unique needs and offer you resources and tools for whole-life healing.

For example, our flagship campus, The Meadows, has been offering top-of-the-line addiction treatment for over 45 years. We are constantly growing and evolving so that our care not only stays up-to-date, but is administered with excellence and compassion. To make sure you start recovery right, here are some of the areas we specialize in:

Our comprehensive treatment ensures you, as an individual, get the complete care needed for a lifetime of recovery.

What Should I Look for in an Addiction Treatment Program?

When choosing treatment, look for options that address the whole person but also focus on your specific needs. And if you don’t know exactly what those needs are? It’s no problem. You don’t have to have all the answers before treatment; that’s what treatment is for! If you’re overwhelmed by options or not sure where to start, reach out and talk to our compassionate professionals about which specialized addiction treatment programs are right for you. But if you do have a general idea of what you’d like for your recovery, consider the following:

What’s the Right Treatment Setting for Me?

When you’re ready for recovery, you may need to stay close to home, or you may benefit from traveling for treatment. If The Meadows’ peaceful Arizona location isn’t the right match, consider our equally substantial program, The Meadows Texas, located on a 46-acre campus marked by open spaces and beautiful views.

Or you may be looking for a program that offers a high-end experience. For example, The Meadows Malibu provides highly specialized and exclusive residential addiction treatment and mental healthcare. A private setting, luxurious accommodations, and our expert care make this program perfect for high-profile individuals, career professionals, athletes, and anyone looking for just a little bit more from their treatment.

What Are My Unique Recovery Needs?

Consider your demographics. If you’re between the ages of 18-26, programs like those at Claudia Black Young Adult Center can offer treatment specific to where you are in life and the unique challenges you face. For adolescents and teens, we have The Meadows Adolescent Center, equipped with experts and specialty technology that helps support young brains still in development.

What about your gender? If you’re a woman looking for the resources and care you need to address intimacy disorders, emotional trauma, and co-occurring substance use or mental health concerns, women-only options like Willow House at The Meadows offer a safe and private location for healing.

If you’re a woman or girl looking for eating disorder treatment programs, The Meadows Ranch may be right for you. Because eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder are closely related to other aspects of mental health, make sure you choose a program like ours that addresses both food-related behaviors and any co-occurring trauma and mental health concerns.

If you’re a man seeking sex addiction treatment programs, Gentle Path at The Meadows provides an understanding and supportive environment for addressing sex-related issues and any emotional trauma or co-occurring substance use issues.

What If Residential Addiction Treatment Isn’t Right for Me?

Sometimes you need extra support before you’re ready or stable enough for a treatment program. If you or a loved one has been through a mental health crisis or needs to reach a safe baseline, consider an option like our Sky program at Spero Center at The Meadows. This seven-day stay doesn’t treat addiction or delve deep into mental health recovery; instead, we offer medication and psychiatric support for self-regulation, so you’ll be ready to take full advantage of your future treatment. And if you still need a little more help than traditional treatment offers, you can continue with Spero Center’s highly individualized residential program.

Alternatively, you may need less support than a full-time, intensive treatment program. If you don’t need, can’t attend, or want something to supplement a residential addiction treatment program, outpatient care is a great choice. The Meadows Outpatient Center has several outpatient center locations, and each offers high-quality care in a nonresidential setting. 

What if you just want to get away for a little bit, refresh your commitment, or create a positive change in your life? Consider a retreat. Our Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows hosts mental health and personal growth workshops. Here you can advance your healing from emotional trauma, strengthen your relationships, or build your personal or professional life in recovery.

How Do I Find the Best Addiction Treatment Programs?

Specialized addiction treatment programs are vital for setting you on the right track to recovery and then keeping you there long-term. We offer a variety of locations, settings, and treatment focuses to meet your unique needs. But we are also more than willing to match you with a program outside our network if it’s a better fit for you! At The Meadows, we want you or your loved one to succeed. Reach out today, and let us equip you with specialized resources for a lifetime of recovery.