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Navigating COVID Burnout From Every Angle

By Beau Black         Tired of hearing, talking, and thinking about COVID, mask-wearing, social distancing, virus testing, work-life balance, and lockdowns? Burned out on hearing about COVID burnout? Emotionally exhausted by the mention of emotional exhaustion? You’re not alone.  As we round the corner on two years of the coronavirus, many of us feel ground down by… Read More

Beyond Words: How Expressive Arts Help Heal

By Christa Banister Mention the word “therapy” and for many people, a very specific image springs to mind. An overstuffed couch. Someone dutifully taking notes. Questions about your childhood. Lots and lots and lots of talking.  Thankfully, therapy can be about much more than talk. For those who may find… Read More

How Modern Lifestyles Activate Ancient Stress Responses

Do you feel fried, get easily irritated, or sink into negative states of mind faster than you used to? Do you want to collapse and cocoon at the end of the week? If so, consider what might be going on with your stress level that might be affecting your mood. Read More

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for PTSD in Veterans

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has invested heavily in the dissemination of prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy (1), yet 30-50% of veterans participating in these therapies fail to show clinically significant improvements. Evidence suggests that mindfulness-based stress reduction, an intervention that teaches individuals to focus on… Read More

April Is Stress Awareness Month

Chances are if you’re under any stress you don’t want someone to make you even more aware. Most people are already experiencing stress but may not know how to keep it under control. Research from The American Institute of Stress indicates that 90% of visits to primary care physicians are stress-related, from stomach… Read More