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Forgiving Your Mother and Yourself

Mother’s Day is time to celebrate and show our love and appreciation to our mothers, grandmothers, and female caretakers. However, many of us—in fact probably most of us—have complicated relationships with our mothers. Even if our mothers were well-intentioned, they may not have been able to provide us with what… Read More

A New Workshop at The Meadows

We tend to think of all bonds as being positive but, they are actually neutral. They can become positive, but they can also become negative. A betrayal bond is a type of negative bond that occurs when someone develops a strong and intense attachment to a person or an… Read More

Five Ways to Practice Gratitude

Sometimes, it may feel simply impossible to see the positive in a given situation or to have gratitude for your position in life. We may feel like the world is intent on sending us obstacles and gratitude may seem out of reach. What’s ironic is that gratitude is just what… Read More

Why Sex Addicts and Their Partners Keep Having the Same Argument

Understanding Karpman’s Triangle Marie Woods, LMFT, CSAT Primary Therapist, Gentle Path at The Meadows In relationships, individuals tend to develop a predictable pattern of acting and reacting to one another that they become accustomed to. This dynamic is sometimes referred to as their dance. This can often be a rather… Read More

Will You Be Your Valentine?

By Andrea FryThe Meadows, Primary Therapist Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for people with a tendency to define their self-worth through relationships to confront and lean into their fears by practicing good self-care. Recognize: “Hey, I’m freaking out and this tells me I still have work to do around… Read More

The Keys to Relationship Longevity

By Pia Mellody “What is this thing called love?” The title of an old song is still a persistent question. We’d like to believe that love is the essential ingredient in relationships and that it’ll get us through all of life’s difficulties. While love is important… Read More

Healing Past Relational Trauma with Wholehearted Presence

Dr. Jon Caldwell The swirling busyness and restless energy settled and a profound stillness permeated the room, enveloping the group like a soft feather blanket. Sitting in silence and sensing the body was unfamiliar territory for most of the two-dozen workshop participants. After all, for many of them, the body… Read More

The Link Between Attachment Styles and Mindfulness

Dr. Jon G. Caldwell, DO, PhD During a recent trip to Los Angeles California, I was aroused from early morning slumber by an eerie sensation of movement. As the veil of sleep was pulled from my mind, I gradually registered the meaning of the shaking bed beneath me and the… Read More