The 12-Step Approach

Here at The Meadows, we recognize the value and necessity of integrating the 12-Step approach into treatment for compulsions and addictions. 12-step treatment is a vital part of our program and can help patients modify negative behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, food addiction, and sex addiction.

Our 12-Step program focuses on the philosophy of universality, the theory that no one is alone in the world. As patients are guided and supported by the staff, they can let go of shame and guilt – underlying factors behind all addictive behaviors. During meetings, patients are encouraged to share their thoughts, allowing them to feel heard and speak their minds. As patients release their emotions in the safe environment fostered by the group, they can process their thoughts and experiences. Patients can realize their mistakes and recognize the situations that led them to addiction.

We incorporate the 12-Step process by having patients complete their first step during treatment and continue to attend daily 12-Step meetings throughout the duration of therapy. The Meadows offers daily 12-Step meetings for various needs, as well as gender-specific meetings. When patients leave The Meadows, they are directed to local 12-Step meetings in their cities and are encouraged to find a home group, obtain a sponsor, and complete personal work.

By meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of patients, the 12-Step program can help prevent relapse, teach better self-control, and provide permanent healing. The Meadows’ 12-Step meetings are conducted in a private setting to ensure complete confidentiality.

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