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The Meadows exists to heal your unresolved emotional trauma and provide you with the tools to transform your life. Whether you or someone you love is entering treatment for the first time, or a relapse occurs, The Meadows Model is unparalleled in producing successful outcomes for recovery and is a proven vanguard for treating trauma and addiction.

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Integrated Trauma Services

For over 40 years, The Meadows trauma treatment has been helping trauma victims heal and learn the skills necessary to cope with the devastating, and often hidden, effects of trauma.

Nervous System Regulation

At The Meadows’ innovative Brain Center, patients use state-of-the-art neurobehavioral equipment to aid in grounding and self-regulation to confront their deeper issues with a calmer spirit.

Senior Fellow Oversight

The team of Senior Fellows constantly challenges The Meadows to excel and stay current in our treatment programs. Each Senior Fellow is involved in world-wide practice and research in their area of expertise.

Survivors Workshop

Survivors I is our signature workshop and is an essential component of The Meadows inpatient treatment program. In a safe, supportive environment, Survivors I explores the origins that fuel behaviors such as addictions, trauma, mood disorders, and troubling relationships.

Holistic Approach

At The Meadows, we are proud of our reputation as a credible source for both ancient healing methods and modern innovative therapeutic practices, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, water aerobics, deep meditation, Pilates, music, expressive arts, and equine therapy.

Family Systems Integration

When individuals suffer from addiction, they jeopardize the quality of their lives and put significant strain on their families. For patients with families, The Meadows provides opportunities to extend the healing process to the whole family.


Adult Treatment

At The Meadows, we explore the underlying issues and understand the specific needs of patients struggling with addiction or trauma. Our individualized treatment program is geared towards individuals who are experiencing difficulty due to unresolved trauma, addiction, or other issues, including previous unsuccessful treatment.

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Women's Eating Disorders

Recovery from an eating disorder is possible, and it’s happening every day at The Meadows Ranch. Based on feedback from patients, families, and professionals, the vast majority of our patients remain committed to a life of health, balance, and purpose. Are you ready to change your story?

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Men's Sexual Addiction

Gentle Path at The Meadows helps men change the core of who they are, without distraction from the outside world. Dr. Patrick Carnes’ methodology is integrated with The Meadows Model and The Meadows’ signature Survivors Week to concurrently address sexual addiction and trauma to transform your life.

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Young Adults

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center in Arizona is a groundbreaking, intensive, experiential-based program for young adults ages 18-26 who struggle with emotional trauma, addiction, or dual diagnosis concerns.

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Willow House For Women

Willow House at The Meadows is a 45-day inpatient program designed specifically for women who are struggling with love addiction, relationship issues, and intimacy disorders. Willow House is a small and intimate program, treating no more than 10 women at a time. We are are focused on helping women heal, giving each woman the individual attention she needs.

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Our workshops, at Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows, address the needs of those who have just begun a recovery process as well as those who have been on a recovery path and may have hit a plateau or want to deepen their experience. Participants work on sensitive issues in a concentrated format allowing them to jump-start and enhance their personal recovery journey by gaining insight into unhealthy patterns and practicing new relational skills within a safe environment.

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Outpatient Programs

The Meadows Outpatient Centers provide intensive outpatient program (IOP) services to adults ages 18 years and older. An outpatient program is often recommended when an individual requires a “step down” from one level of treatment to the next before they are ready to return home and apply their recovery skills to everyday life. The IOP program may be appropriate to some individuals without having the need for a higher level of care.

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SAGE, specialized programming for individuals over the age of 50 at The Meadows main campus, has been designed to meet the age-sensitive needs of this population in a safe setting. With special emphasis on the issues maturing adults face, the expanded program will help patients begin new growth, new understanding, and new recovery in their later years.

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Programs We Offer.
Recovery Is Possible

We understand a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment isn’t beneficial to most individuals. Therefore, we offer a specialized continuum of behavioral health services designed to meet your needs.

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