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Wellness Reset

A holistic nutrition and yoga retreat

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Personal Growth Workshop

Wellness Reset is a holistic workshop that integrates contemporary nutrition education and body-based therapies with the ancient wisdom and philosophies of yoga and mindfulness. Connections between mind, body, heart, and spirit open participants to discover, or re-affirm, the pathways to their health and healing journey.

Finding the best methods of fueling your body is worth it. Your health, your weight, your mood, and your happiness can all be improved through nutrition. Wellness Reset will take you on a nutrition journey to help YOU determine the path that fits the best with your lifestyle and preferences. Then our innovative body approaches invite you to move toward living in your body by incorporating ancient yoga teachings and insights from modern science along with Heart Rate Variability, balancing the nervous system, and compassion practices. Our journey includes activities to connect deeper to yourself and the world around you via mindful movement, breathing exercises, sound healing, discussion of yoga philosophies, and creating daily practices.

Nutrition topics include:

  • A review of the connections between food and mood
  • Analysis of participant food diaries and recommendations
  • Food demonstrations and meal prep
  • Tools to adopt an anti-inflammatory dietary approach
  • Exploration of the trendiest diets offered today and analysis on whether they actually work


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