Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows offers confidential and customized private intensives for individuals who may require a higher level of anonymity. Our team of highly qualified experts utilizes cutting-edge modalities to tailor an intensive workshop experience to the specific needs of each client or family and can accommodate a flexible schedule.

We offer:

  • Secluded setting to provide confidentiality
  • Customized short term program (up to 5-days)
  • Design a tailored intensive for client(s)
  • Change of location to allow freedom from daily distractions
  • Team of highly qualified experts utilizing state of the art modalities
  • Ability to accommodate flexible schedules
  • Ability to coordinate, collaborate and confer with referents & other professionals on their team
  • Sensitive to unique challenges of high profile clients

Intensives can be designed to:

  • Jump-start a recovery process, prevent relapse, or heighten existing recovery
  • Understand the impact childhood experiences have had on self-esteem and current functioning
  • Explore self-defeating patterns effecting your life negatively
  • Create an opportunity to heal from betrayal whether from intimate partners or exploitation by marital, familial, relational, professional, or religious relationships
  • Release painful emotions and reclaim personal power
  • Address anxiety, depression, and cyclic mood disorders
  • Explore painful, obsessive, addictive relationships or processes that negatively influence individuals and relationships
  • Explore unhealthy sexual patterns and behaviors that deeply impact the ability to connect relationally
  • Identify current boundary challenges and develop healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication to enhance relationships and connections
  • Increase self-esteem and practice better self-care
  • Influence future generations by breaking the cycle of unhealthy family relationships
  • Acquire tools to support continued recovery

Who uses this Service?

  • Professional athletes
  • Entertainment industry: film, music, TV, models
  • Politicians
  • Paparazzi pursued
  • Corporate leaders
  • Partners and families of high profile individuals

We are committed to your privacy. To speak with our private intensive coordinator, please call 866.922.0945.