Trauma Conference Handouts

Wednesday, May 28 Preconference Workshops

Workshop 2: Component-Based Psychotherapy

Workshop 2 Handout

Workshop 3: IMPACT

My IMPACT Experience
Rosenblum Traska IMPACT Therapeutic VAW 2014
Workshop 3 Slides

Workshop 4: Pesso-Boyden Psychotherapy

Al Pesso 2014
Cultivating the Seeds of Hope

Workshop 5: Trauma and Addicted Family Systems

Morning Handout
Afternoon Handout
Shame Handouts
Trauma Handouts

Workshop 6a: Midnight's Children Revisited

Polyvictimization MLMC
R Musicaro Enhancing Multidisciplinary Responses to Polyvictimization Handout
R Musicaro Enhancing Multidisciplinary Responses to Polyvictimization Poster
R Musicaro Complex Trauma Webinar Series

Workshop 6b: Out of the Abyss

Workshop 6b Handout


Thursday, May 29

G Siegle Blunted and Discordant
S Porges Trauma and the Polyvagal Theory
S Porges Therapeutic Presence
S Porges The Polyvagal Theory
S Porges Nexus Interview
S Porges Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy


Friday, May 30

B Perry Family Journal
B Perry MacKinnon Aus NZJ Fam Ther
B Perry NMT Evidence Based Pract
B Perry Perry Dobson NMT
B Perry Trauma Loss BDP
D Corn Int of Trauma Treatment Models
D Korn Resources
R Lanius Emotion Modulation in PTSD
R Lanius How Understanding the Neurobiology of...
R Lanius Plastic Modulation of PTSD
R Schwartz Concepts Handout
R Schwartz The 8 C's Worksheet
R Schwartz The Larger Self
WW Norton Book Order Form Lanius and Frewen


Saturday, May 31

B Beebe Connections and Disconnections
P Ogden Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Book Order Form
P Ogden Wisdom of the Body, Lost and Found

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk: The Body Keeps Score

WW Norton Books Order Form Ogden, Lanius, Frewen

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