COVID-19 update: Visitation/Family Programming – We have suspended in-person visits at this time and all in-person family programming. While we know the value and importance of family treatment in our programs, we acknowledge we have less ability to screen family members and the potential health risk they present. We are currently offering a variety of family treatment experiences to enable family members to participate in their loved ones’ recovery.

Family Systems Perspective

Trauma and addiction affect the entire family. Therefore, we designed our FAMILY WEEK to give our patients and their loved ones a safe space to engage in open and honest communication while exploring family relational issues. This is a time of learning, growth, change, and forgiveness for everyone, and ensures that the transition back to daily life is successful.

A cornerstone of The Meadows Model and philosophy is that we believe each patient comes with an individual story and experience. In our treatment, we do everything to honor each patient’s uniqueness through a custom-tailored combination of therapies designed to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth. Learn more about our therapies.

We Get It

Many of our staff members are in some form of recovery themselves, having experienced portions of the very issues with which our clients are struggling. Having this deeper understanding allows our staff to identify with clients on a level that often breaks through their skepticism and doubt, a critical step on the road to recovery.

We Understand Your Concerns

Having a loved one go to treatment can be an overwhelming experience, and the time leading up to the decision often comes with significant pain and anxiety. The Meadows understands this and works with families to make rehab a positive experience for all.

If your loved one is struggling with an addiction or mental health issue, The Meadows can help.

For Military Families

The Meadows is experienced in treating the psychological disorders and substance abuse issues that often plague individuals who serve or have served in the military. If your loved one has experienced wartime trauma or anxiety, The Meadows can help.

Groundbreaking PTSD Treatments

The Meadows is a provider of natural, holistic and groundbreaking Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapies. Somatic Experiencing is a state-of-the-art trauma therapy offered at The Meadows, developed by Senior Fellow, Dr. Peter Levine. Somatic Experiencing helps individuals rely on their natural instincts to tap into the same biological coping mechanisms that allow animals to heal from trauma.

A range of other therapies is provided at The Meadows, designed to treat the root symptoms of trauma. Read about therapies at The Meadows.

TRICARE West Region Provider

The Meadows is a TRICARE West Region provider of behavioral health services to military members and their families. This means military members, their families and retirees have access to the highest quality, most comprehensive behavioral health services anywhere. Learn more about TRICARE West Region and The Meadows.

Take the First Steps

Take the first steps in your loved one’s admission process. Learn more about how The Meadows helps both veterans and current military members. Contact an Intake Coordinator at 800-244-4949.

For Families of Adults

When individuals suffer from an addiction or other psychological condition, they jeopardize the quality of their lives and put significant strain on their families, friendships, and careers. While patients are on-campus at The Meadows, they are fully immersed in custom-tailored treatment plans. For patients with families, The Meadows provides opportunities to extend the healing process to the whole family.

The Meadows understands the challenges of a hurting loved one and goes the extra mile to ensure families are included in the patient treatment process. The Meadows’ Family Week provides treatment that is focused on success for the long term and developing a supportive environment for patients once they leave campus and continue recovery at home. Learn more about Family Week.

Take the First Steps

Take the first steps in your loved one’s admission process. Learn more about how The Meadows can help your loved one and your family. Contact an Intake Coordinator at 800-244-4949.

Accommodations For Families

When in Wickenburg

While your loved one is an admitted patient at The Meadows, contact will be limited. However, The Meadows offers opportunities for families to interact and come together in the healing and recovery process during family week. Families coming to Wickenburg, Arizona for Family Week are responsible for their own lodging, reservations, and cancellations.

Check with your Family Counselor for the exact dates and times of your Family Week.

To inquire about lodging please contact the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce at 928-684-5479.

For Health Professionals

At The Meadows, we ensure your patient receives the highest quality of care whether as an inpatient or attendee of one of our workshops. We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as a Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility and accredited by The Joint Commission. Our masters’ level clinicians, board-certified psychiatrists, 24-hour nursing staff, and physicians are fully committed to the patient treatment and recovery process.

For many years, the term “recovery” was thought to relate to addiction alone. At The Meadows, we believe trauma affects everyone in different ways and can have its own recovery. We focus on recovery from trauma, whether related to addiction, family-of-origin issues, or abuse in any form.

Our holistic treatment approach sets The Meadows apart from other treatment facilities. Guided with the help of our Senior Fellows − world-renowned experts who are thought leaders in their disciplines − we help patients recover from childhood relational trauma by giving them the tools needed to address symptoms of root trauma in their adult lives.

Located on a 14-acre campus, 50 miles northwest of Phoenix, The Meadows offers a serene and private setting for patients to undergo a variety of therapies including:

We also offer extended care programs, designed to continue the healing process and transition patients to life outside The Meadows.

Your Patient and The Meadows

Every patient at The Meadows is assigned a primary therapist, family therapist, workshop facilitator, attending psychiatrist, and a medical physician. In addition, each patient has a treatment team that consists of 24-hour nursing staff, evening and weekend counselors, and an individual therapist for Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and EFT. All group sessions are facilitated by both a primary therapist and a family therapist. Group sizes average approximately eight patients per group.

For patient admissions, you can direct your patient to fill out a screening form online or contact our Intake Staff at 800-244-4949. For questions regarding a patient’s unique needs, call ahead and speak with an intake representative to better understand how The Meadows can help. Learn more about admitting a patient.

Once your patient is admitted, you will be able to work with The Meadows to ensure your patient’s health and progress. Visit our “Checking on Your Patient” page for more information on this process.

Resources for Health Professionals

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your practice or determine if The Meadows is a fit for your patient, visit our “Continuing Education” page to learn more.