What is Alcohol Addiction?

alcoholismAlcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is defined as the obsessive and unmanageable use of alcohol, regardless of its negative impact on a drinker’s fitness, profession, and relationships. Individuals suffering from alcohol addiction will frequently drink to excess, leaving their bodies dependent on the substance and their lives in pieces.

Alcoholics will experience symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that include: headaches, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, and trouble focusing. Often, alcoholics continue their addiction in order to maintain a state of a false normality, avoid the effects of withdrawal, or escape from pain in their lives.

What Are the Effects of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction can cause individuals to drink to the point of experiencing complete memory loss of hours or days and can increase the likelihood of high-risk behaviors like drinking and driving. Long-term alcohol addiction can destroy emotions, relationships, and lives.

Alcohol abuse is considered the second-leading cause of dementia, connected with 10 percent of diagnosed cases. Extreme alcohol use can cause harm to brain functioning, that if not treated, can be permanent. A variety of mental health problems can also be caused by long-term alcohol use. Most individuals addicted to alcohol suffer from some form of severe psychiatric trauma marked by increased anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, alcohol-induced psychosis, panic disorders, and other symptoms.

The Meadows Can Help

Alcoholism causes physical and intellectual trauma that influences every aspect of life. At The Meadows, we treat all phases of alcohol addiction. From detoxification to our primary treatment program, we build foundations for long-term abstinence and sobriety. We focus on making changes in the way one lives, faces problems, and relates to others.

Recovery from alcohol addiction may not seem possible, but it is. Once a person admits to having a problem, he or she has started down the path of recovery. Many patients trust The Meadows’ Alcohol Treatment Program to help them begin their journey toward sobriety.