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Denied Grief: When the Heart Hurts in Silence

By Tian DaytonPsychologist, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, Author, Specialist in Addictions and Relational Trauma, Psychodramatist “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving Read More

Dr. Shelley Uram on Finding Your Essential Self

Dr. Shelley Uram, a Senior Fellows at The Meadows, recently sat down with Kristin Sunanta Walker on Mental Health News Radio to talk about her new book Essential Living: A Guide to Having Happiness and Peace by Reclaiming Your Essential Self. Read More

The Meadows Launches Relationship Healing Center for Women

It’s often said that one can become addicted to anything that can numb emotional pain. Drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, and sex are all widely recognized for their addictive potential. Addiction to love and relationships, however, tends to be less well-recognized and understood. Women who struggle with love, relationship, and… Read More

What a Horse Taught Me About Fear and Self-Doubt

By Andrea Sauceda, Internet and Social Media Director at The Meadows It was 116 degrees on the June day my new co-worker Erin and I went to meet The Meadows’ Equine Therapy program directors for a demonstration. It was also our third day of a week-long new employee orientation process,… Read More

Being Fearless in Recovery Means Getting to Know Yourself

by Michael Lewis What does being fearless in recovery mean to me? It means not walking away before you get a chance to know who you are. In my life, I’ve had traumatic experiences that ultimately resulted in an eight year run with addiction among other diagnoses. At one point… Read More

Masked Emotions Behind Men’s Anger 

The following is a partial transcript of a Facebook Live Presentation Dan Griffin, MA, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, did on August 26, 2016. You can find the recorded video version on his Facebook page. First and foremost, let me be very clear about what I mean by “the… Read More

The Real Impact of Rape Culture and Sexual Trauma

When bystanders pulled Stanford University swimmer and Olympic hopeful, Brock Turner, away from the woman he was sexually assaulted behind a fraternity house dumpster, he laughed. When the judge in the resulting sexual assault trial handed down a sentence much more lenient than the recommended six years of jail… Read More

Your First Day at The Meadows Outpatient Center

“HELLLOOO!!! Welcome to The Meadows Intensive Outpatient Program!” shouts Director Jim Corrington as he jumps from behind his desk to greet me. Jim is a large man, well over six feet tall and follically-challenged—yep, he’s bald. Like a proud father Jim’s grin is a mile wide as he introduces himself… Read More

Elite Athletes vs. Mental Illness: Victory over Self-Defeat

America in the late Summer and early Fall. Among the sounds of lawn sprinklers, children laughing and playing outside, and bees buzzing by, you can often hear… “Let’s Go, Guys!”“We Got This!”“C’mon you idiot, what the [redacted] are you doing?!” …being shouted from living rooms all across the land. Football… Read More