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Parenting with Boundaries

A frequently asked question at The Meadows is what appropriate parenting looks like and how I become a “better” parent. The Meadows’ belief is that parents typically do the best they can with what they know. However, if you were provided limited information on healthy parenting, it will be challenging… Read More

Sex, Love, and Longing

I am often asked in therapy (with deep reluctance and trepidation) if it is a pre-requisite of therapy to explore childhood issues. “That depends,” I say. “I have no desire to dwell in your past but exploring your past childhood relationships might help us both understand your current relationship style… Read More

REHAB Treatment for Young Adults

By Bonnie A. DenDooven, MC, LAC Ad·o·les·cence is defined as a period or stage of development, preceding maturity. But, what happens when chronologically your son or daughter becomes an adult and they’re still locked in immature, self-destructive patterns that you thought they would outgrow? For a therapist working with… Read More

ADHD, Income Taxes, and Unopened Envelopes

By Bonnie A. DenDooven, MC, LAC Many Americans have a visceral, gut-wrenching reaction to the terms “IRS” and “taxes”. It is a response quite similar to the way certain war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) overreact to the sound of a car backfiring. For those who suffer… Read More

Maureen Canning: Sex Addiction Can Kill

As part of its ongoing series, The Meadows, America’s premier center for the treatment of addiction and trauma, presents a video of Maureen Canning discussing sexual addiction in women. In the fourth video of her nine-part series, Ms. Canning, a leading expert in the field of sexual addiction, talks about… Read More

Shame and Sex Addiction

The Meadows is pleased to present its ongoing series of videos on addiction and trauma; the series features some of the most influential figures in the mental health field, including Maureen Canning, John Bradshaw, and Dr. Jerry Boriskin, among others. In the second video of her series, Maureen Canning, MA,… Read More

Is Sex Addiction Real?

I have seen several articles questioning sex addiction. Is it real? Recently the media have been questioning the legitimacy of sexual addiction. Is it a real disorder – or just an excuse for “bad boys” to have sex? Having worked in the field for more than 20 years, I know… Read More