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Why the 12-Step Approach Still Works

In the world of recovery programs, however, there are a number of reasons why the 12-Step approach has stood the test of time and varying trends along the way. For nearly 100 years, this proven method has helped those who struggle with addiction to not only get well, but stay well. Read More

Investing in Aftercare

Picture yourself on the heels of completing an addiction treatment program. Your willingness to participate, the important help you’ve received along the way, and your hard work in seeing it through have all led to a healthier you. Now what? Read More

Healthy Intimacy In Recovery

If you’re finding your way free from addiction, building intimacy in recovery may be one of your goals. If it isn’t, you may be wondering why it’s such a big deal. If you take a look at how addiction may have disrupted your existing relationships or made it nearly impossible to form healthy new ones, it may become clear. For anyone going through recovery, it’s good to know why intimacy is important and how you can rediscover connection, trust, and healthy relationships. Read More

Podcasts and How They Help

Whatever you’re interested in, no matter how niche, there’s probably a podcast (or several) that will appeal to you. And unlike, say, social media, one of the benefits of podcasts is the generally positive tone in the facilitation of discussion that helps and informs. Read More

Introducing Recovery Replay

The fact that everyone seems to have a podcast these days is not lost on Dominic Lawson. As the host and producer of Beyond Theory podcast for Meadows Behavioral Healthcare (MBH), the recovery podcast vet has discovered something extraordinary about the decidedly old-school medium: the ability to tell a complete, three-dimensional narrative. This approach has helped MBH’s newest addiction recovery podcast, Recovery Replay, stand out in a crowd. Read More

The Accountability Factor

By Anna McKenzie What’s the key to staying in recovery long-term? We know that our social groups have a certain degree of influence on our thinking and behavior. If the people around us are sober, positive, and supportive, we are encouraged to pursue our recovery process; if the people around… Read More

Journaling as an Act of Self-Care

By Christa Banister While it’s probably buried in a landfill somewhere after a number of big moves over the years, one of my 10-year-old self’s most treasured possessions was, hands down, my tomato-red journal with a heavy-duty gold lock. There was something incredibly liberating about being the only one who… Read More

Bah! Humbug! Why It’s OK to Be a Scrooge

By Wesley Gallagher It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting … you know the drill. But for many of us, the holiday season is not the most wonderful time of the year. Sometimes, it can be the hardest. And for as much as… Read More

7 Ways to Be Thankful: The Contentment Connection

By Christa Banister It happens earlier and earlier each year. Carved pumpkins grace the porch. Kids haven’t even separated the Good & Plenty and Almond Joy from the Snickers and Twix, and the barrage of ads begins, the ones that conveniently skip over Thanksgiving. Like regularly strengthening a muscle, being… Read More

National Recovery Month: Recovery Is for Everyone

By Anna McKenzie What Is the Goal of National Recovery Month? National Recovery Month is as much about celebrating individuals in recovery as it is about generating awareness of the need for addiction and mental health treatment.  The opioid epidemic is one example of how addiction has significantly affected… Read More