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emotional trauma treatment

Emotional Freedom Technique in Trauma Treatment

By: Joyce Willis, MC, LPC This article will introduce the EFT therapy technique. You’ll learn what EFT is and how it’s used at The Meadows to enhance therapy. What Is EFT? Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a treatment method that’s essentially acupuncture without needles. It focuses on the body’s meridian… Read More

Can a Horse Feel Love?

By Ann M. Taylor, an Equine Specialist at The Meadows A question posed by a group member during an Equine Therapy session. We hear all sorts of questions at Equine; some of them make you stop and think. Either you simply don’t know the answer or because you want to… Read More

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at The Meadows

Upon arriving at The Meadows, many patients are charmed by the view of equine activities at nearby ranches. They frequently ask about having Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as part of their primary treatment program. As a direct result of these requests, EAP is among the newest offerings coming to… Read More

An Excerpt from “Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets”

This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2009 edition of The Cutting Edge. Author’s note: Nearly a decade ago, I began to work with women confronting sexual betrayal. It was this professional experience that inspired me to write Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets, a book for female partners… Read More