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emotional health

Mental Benefits of Sports Teams

Sports are continually and globally popular. We sign our kids up for them, gather with friends to play them, and are ready to watch when our favorite teams compete. So what’s the draw, and are they worth it? And are there mental benefits of team sports? Read More

What Is Emotional Regulation, and Why Do I Need It?

By Melissa Chalos When you hear the word “emotion,” what comes to mind? For some, the word has an instantly negative connotation as if it’s a bad thing to feel emotions at all. Some children are taught outright that showing any emotion — be it anger, sadness, fear or even… Read More

How Is Your Inner Child Today?

By Nancy Minister, Therapist, Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows If you’ve ever done work at The Meadows — either in an inpatient program or our Survivors I Workshop — you’ve likely had some experience getting in touch with your inner child. So, how is that young part… Read More

Practicing Gratitude Enhances Well-Being

By Dr. Jan Anderson, Psy.D., LPCC Studies show that the regular practice of gratitude can increase not just your well-being and happiness, but also improve your physical health and your relationships. I was in the audience as Business First publisher Tom Monahan went one-on-one with Yum! Brands Inc. President and… Read More