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The 26th Annual International Trauma Conference, which focuses on psychological trauma: neuroscience, attachment, and therapeutic interventions, takes place May 27-30 and will feature a very special workshop to help soldiers rebuild trust, release pain and forge new bonds through song.

SongwritingWith:Soldiers (SW:S) uses songwriting as a catalyst for positive change. In SW:S retreat and workshop settings, service members are paired with professional songwriters to craft songs about their experiences, often about combat and their return home.

Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Conference Director, world-renowned trauma expert and Senior Fellow at The Meadows will present SongwritingWith:Soldiers work in the “Innovative Programs” session.

You can view the SongwritingWith:Soldiers video trailer here

About the International Trauma Conference

For the past three decades the conference has examined how trauma affects psychological and biological processes, and how the damage caused by overwhelming life experiences can be reversed. This year the conference will explore new frontiers in this work, frontiers that transcend old paradigms of talking, analyzing and administering drugs.

The objective of this conference is to present current research findings on how people’s brains, minds, and bodies respond to traumatic experiences; how they regulate emotional and behavioral responses; and the role of relationships in protecting and restoring safety and regulation.

When: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 – Saturday, May 30, 2015

Where: Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA

More information on the conference

How The Meadows Can Help

Those who have experienced a traumatic event can benefit from seeking help. At The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona, clients are invited to recollect and share the emotions and sensations they experienced during the initial trauma or subsequent events.

At The Meadows, world renowned experts in treating psychological trauma guide each patient through a safe and effective process of uncovering and processing any issues related to unresolved trauma and PTSD.

We can help restore the sense of control and lessen the powerful hold of trauma. Contact an Intake Coordinator at 800-244-4949 and learn how The Meadows can help.


The Meadows has been selected to be part of the United Behavioral Health (UBH) Provider Network for the TRICARE Program. As a TRICARE Provider, The Meadows is honored to provide behavioral health and substance abuse inpatient services, with an emphasis on trauma, PTSD, and addictive disease disorders, to active duty military members, retirees, and dependents.

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The Meadows has been hosting Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance psychiatry residents in a Trauma elective for nearly a year now. Dr. Shelley Uram – Senior Fellow at The Meadows who founded the program – supervises residents during this elective.

“My long association with Harvard and my passion for teaching was a natural evolution when this program was conceptualized,” says Dr. Uram. “And the Meadows’ expertise in trauma was the obvious fit for these residents to receive the best experience available.”

Residents receive intensive trauma education and exposure to progressive interventions. Immersion into this program includes some classic training by Pia Mellody and teaching/experiential work with other staff members around Somatic Experiencing, Neurofeedback, EMDR, EFT, mindfulness practices, trauma-informed yoga/tai chi, and a host of other cutting-edge interventions available at our expansive and newly launched Meadows Brain Center.

Dr. Uram assists residents in integrating the trauma theory/interventions, so they can incorporate this education into their current model of treatment prior to attending this elective.

Jim Dredge, CEO of The Meadows, says the collaborative relationship with Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance and The Meadows is extremely significant and one that is cherished. “This important collaboration allows The Meadows to share our methods and processes with Harvard/CHA psychiatry residents to provide them with the opportunity to further develop the treatments used at The Meadows.”

The response has been so overwhelmingly positive for both residents and Meadows staff members that there is now a waiting list for this elective.

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Monday, 22 December 2014 00:00

'Tis The Season

Tis’ the season of reflection and gratitude through the spirit of service work and experiencing fun in sobriety at Dawn at The Meadows. Patients and staff kicked off the holiday season with a rigorous game of Dawn’s annual “Turkey Bowl Competition” on Thanksgiving, using frozen turkeys as bowling balls in the spirit of light heartedness at a local park. Upon nightfall, the young adult community gathered around a campfire with smores and offered meaningful reflections on gratitude and their newfound sense of “a new freedom and a new happiness” gained through the recovery process. In addition, patients have embraced their call to service work this Christmas season and have been busy wrapping presents for children in need and will be personally delivering gifts with the help of the Cops Who Care organization. Stay tuned for updates as the young adult community embarks on more adventures in the new year!

Dawn At The Meadows

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Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00

The Meadows Workshops

By Jean Collins-Stuckert, Director of Workshops at The Meadows

When I think about The Meadows workshops the Carly Simon song “Nobody Does it Better” comes to mind and the lyrics “nobody does it half as good as you, baby you’re the best.” There are other treatment programs offering intensives, but they can’t compare with our time honored workshops. A frontrunner, The Meadows has a reputation for offering stellar workshops for almost 30 years.

While our workshops remain the intensive, profound experience they are famous for, we have also kept them cutting-edge. Keeping up with the latest trauma and addiction neuroscience, we have added psycho-education on neurobiology and nervous system regulation techniques.

The Meadows has enhanced and refreshed the existing workshops and added two more offering 11 unique workshops to choose from. Our latest workshop additions are the one-of-a-kind Spirit, an incredible equine workshop which also incorporates somatic experiencing, and Mind and Heart: a Mindful Path to Wholehearted Living.

We have utilized the expertise of our Senior Fellows Pia Mellody, Claudia Black, Patrick Carnes, Peter Levine and Shelly Uram in developing the workshops. All workshops are facilitated by gifted, master level, licensed therapists who are highly skilled and compassionate. We offer a safe, supportive, confidential environment to open up and dig deep.

If you are new in recovery, workshops are a wonderful way to jump start your process. For those of you that have been at this awhile and feel as though you have reached a plateau or hit a wall, it can reignite your passion or inspire you to stretch. You may have had a setback and wish to solidify your commitment; The Meadows workshops can also heighten or deepen an already satisfying process.

We offer workshops that promote healing from childhood and adult relational trauma (Survivors l and Survivors ll) in addition to workshops that help couples and families navigate difficulties (Family Workshop and Strengthening Coupleship). If you are having trouble with intimacy in an existing relationship or cultivating a healthy bond, we have specialized workshops for both men and women struggling with love addiction/love avoidance and/or sex addiction as well as a workshop for their partners (Healing Intimate Treason). We also offer a Grief workshop if you have unresolved heartache.

I have participated in a number of workshops in my 26 years in recovery. Hey, it takes what it takes. When my “stuff” is up, I do not like sitting in it. I am a believer in getting as quickly as I can from A to B. A workshop is an excellent way to propel, deepen, or enhance your process and improve your life.

Call the Intake Department at The Meadows 1-800-244-4949, and they will help you find the workshop best suited for you. For more information and workshop dates, visit our workshop page at

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The Meadows sets itself apart from other trauma, addiction, and recovery treatment centers with its clinical leadership that is guided by world-renowned Senior Fellows who are thought-leaders in their fields. This is exemplified by the just released new book by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.” Dr. van der Kolk has spent over three decades working with survivors, and has written extensively on the impact of trauma on development, borderline personalities, self-mutilation, cognitive development in traumatized children and adults, and the psychology of trauma. In his new book, he works to transform our understanding of traumatic stress.

Throughout its pages, his book reveals how trauma rearranges the brain’s wiring – specifically the areas dedicated to pleasure, engagement, control, and trust. Dr. van der Kolk demonstrates how these areas can be reactivated through innovative treatments, including neurofeedback, mindfulness techniques, play, yoga, and other therapies. Through these various treatment approaches, children and adults can move beyond trauma, reclaim their lives, and rebuild their relationships.

Aided by the development of three important new scientific disciplines - neuroscience, attachment research, and interpersonal biology - Dr. van der Kolk has written a deeply personal, analytic, an incredibly moving approach to the topic of trauma recovery.Body Keeps The Score

Peter Levine, PhD and author of “In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness” says, “Breathtaking in its scope and breadth, ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ is a seminal work by one of the preeminent pioneers in trauma research and treatment. This essential book unites the evolving neuroscience of trauma research with an emergent wave of body-oriented therapies and traditional mind/body practices. A must read for all those interested in a scholarly, thoughtful, tome about the powerful forces that affect us as human beings in meeting the many challenges of life, including accidents, loss and abuse.”

The central idea of the book is that exposure to abuse and violence fosters the development of a hyperactive brain alarm system, and molds a body that gets stuck in a fight/flight and freeze. Trauma interferes with the brain circuits that involve focusing, learning, flexibility, and being able to stay in emotional control. This constant sense of danger and helplessness promotes the continuous secretion of stress hormones, which wreaks havoc with the immune system and the functioning of the body’s organs.

“The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” captures an active therapist who keeps learning from his patients what benefits them most. Dr. van der Kolk has recognized the importance of moving beyond traditional talk therapy or drugs alone, and has highlighted the need to involve a range of therapeutic interventions in order to lead patients to lasting healing.

In conjunction with the release of the book, Dr. van der Kolk is offering a 60-minute free CE event, “The Body Keeps the Score.” During this video presentation, he will succinctly and descriptively draw the picture of trauma, the brain, and how various treatments work (and don’t) on the trauma client. Get free access to the video for a limited time by clicking here.

About the Author

Bessel van der Kolk, MD, is one of the world’s foremost experts on traumatic stress and has taught on the subject world-wide. He has researched the psychobiology of trauma, traumatic memory, the effectiveness of EMDR, and the effects of trauma on human development. He is a professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, and founder of the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Mass. Dr. van der Kolk is the past President of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. He has taught at universities and hospitals across the United States and globally. Dr. van der Kolk has written extensively on the impact of trauma on development, borderline personalities, self-mutilation, cognitive development in traumatized children and adults, and the psychobiology of trauma.

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