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We are pleased to announce that Kyle Wescoat has joined our team as Chief Financial Officer. He replaces Rick Flaherty, who is retiring.

Kyle comes to The Meadows with more than 25 years of CFO experience in a variety of well-regarded public and private companies including Emulex, VIZIO and Vans. He also has previous experience in the field of behavioral health as the former Executive Vice President and CFO of Aspen Education Group. He received his undergraduate degree from Drexel University and MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.

“Kyle has proven himself to be a tremendous CFO and organizational leader in a variety of settings. He brings with him a remarkable set of skills and experiences that I believe will benefit The Meadows as we continue to grow and evolve in the rapidly changing behavioral health environment” says Meadows Behavioral Health CEO Jim Dredge. “I look forward to working with Kyle as we explore and execute on new ways of providing high quality services to our patients while remaining sensitive to the increasing demands for thoughtful, efficient delivery and outcomes.”

Kyle is also active in his community. He has maintained a long time involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, California, and Hoag Hospital Presbyterian. He serves as Chairman of Hoag Irvine’s Executive Advisory Board, and on the President’s Advisory Council at Drexel University.

“I want to thank Jim and the board for giving me this opportunity to join The Meadows at this exciting time in its history,” Kyle says. “For more than 25 years, The Meadows and Remuda Ranch have been synonymous with the highest level of patient care and innovation. It is our goal to continue to lead the industry in not only the services provided, but how they are provided, as well.”

Dredge added, “I want to thank Rick Flaherty for his hard work and contribution to Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. I wish him the very best.”

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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:00

The Meadows Opens New Workshop Retreat Center

Since the 1980s, The Meadows has been the forerunner in providing intensive workshops that transform lives. We’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding our workshop offerings with the opening of The Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows, a state-of-the-art facility designed with participants’ healing and empowerment in mind. The center is situated on the Remuda Ranch campus, a historical dude ranch that offers a serene, peaceful, desert setting for workshop attendees.

The Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows will allow us to offer even more workshops and to enhance the overall experience for participants. In addition to the intensive educational and therapeutic experience that workshop participants have always enjoyed, those who attend a workshop at The Rio Retreat center will have the option to participate in additional evening activities like art, yoga, Thai Chi, 12-step meetings, live music performances, camp fires, equine therapy, ropes courses and more. They will also be treated to three meals a day, prepared by The Meadows extraordinary chef.

Jean Collins-Stuckert, LCSW, LISAC, CSAT, will serve as Clinical Director of the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows, where she will spearhead the development and integration of several new workshops and activities. Our new workshops will cover issues related to eating and nutrition, men’s issues, money and work, couples disclosure, and more. Jean says that she’s pleased to be able to offer participants a peaceful space and the additional support they need for deep personal reflection:

“At Rio Retreat Center, we’ve created a safe and nurturing environment where people can experience deep healing. Garnering insight into personal issues, overcoming obstacles, and processing through trauma will jumpstart new recovery or heighten existing recovery. I’m delighted about the opportunity to grow our program in order to meet the needs of more people.”

New Workshops and Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to our signature Survivor’s Workshop and other tried-and-true intensives, there are two new workshops currently available at the new Rio Retreat Center. Mind & Heart: A Mindful Path to Wholehearted Living, will help people to free themselves from self-limiting patterns of thinking through scientifically researched mindfulness techniques; and, The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships helps people begin to heal from destructive attachments. Also, starting in early 2016, we will offer Discovery to Recovery: An Intensive Series for Couples Healing from Sex Addiction.

The Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows will also serve as a venue for training events and workshops for therapists and behavioral health professionals. The Meadows world class senior fellows and clinicians, and other leaders from around the country will develop and present these outstanding opportunities for professional growth. More details will be available in the coming months.

The Meadows CEO Sean Walsh is excited about what The Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows means for the future of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare:

“We are in the business of changing lives. We’ve seen firsthand how our workshops have made a difference to so many, and I’m looking forward to being able to offer the same kind of hope and healing to even more people.”

How to Register for a Rio Retreat Center Workshop

You can find a schedule of currently available workshop on The Meadows website. Since workshops fill quickly, we encourage making reservations three to four weeks in advance.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to register, contact our Intake Department at 800-244-4949.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 00:00

The Freedom of Recovery

By Dr. David Anderson, The Meadows Executive Director

Last week, on the Meadows campus, we dedicated a new flagpole and flag. It gave us an opportunity to honor and show appreciation for members of the Armed Services, and to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of free nations and also on the freedoms we experience in recovery.

In 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a state of union speech just 11 months prior to the beginning of World War II in which he proposed four fundamental freedoms that people the world over ought to be able to enjoy:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of worship
  • Freedom from want, and
  • Freedom from fear.

For those of us in The Program, we celebrate not only these freedoms, but also the fundamental freedoms we enjoy while living in the “Nation of Recovery.” These freedoms might be described as…

  • freedom from hopelessness,
  • freedom from shame,
  • freedom from lies, secrets, and deception;
  • and yes, freedom from fear.

Of course, everybody’s journey is unique; thus, many of us may discover other kinds of freedoms as we continue along the path of recovery and transformation.

little flags

The dedication of our new flagpole intersected with our celebration of National Recovery Month. In honor of the occasion, a number of our patients created their own personal flags of recovery through their expressive arts therapy sessions.

These personalized flags represented their current freedoms and the freedoms they hope to continue to discover through sobriety. We asked the patients to “plant” these flags around the flagpole as a reminder of the support available in their communities and as a testament of hope and inspiration for themselves and others.

Each flag is a reminder of the courage it takes to choose freedom over bondage, love over hatred, serenity over fear, and recovery over disease. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to display them on our campus.

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The Meadows is proud to be a co-sponsor of the 21st Annual Counseling Skills Conference, taking place September 24 – 26, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. The conference is hosted by U.S. Journal Training, Inc., and addresses the most relevant and cutting edge topics for today’s mental health, addiction, and helping professionals. Professionals who attend can earn up to 21 credit hours for continuing education.

The conference offers an up-to-date and comprehensive view of the interactions among trauma, addictive disorders and relationships, and allows participants to build skills in their areas of interest through a series of plenary sessions and in-depth workshops.

This year, three Meadows Senior Fellows and the Claudia Black Young Adult Center Clinical Director will be on hand to offer their insights through presentations and workshops:

• On Thursday, Claudia Black, MSW, PhD , will give a presentation on The Complexity of Treating the Young Adult and will conduct a workshop on The Family as The Client. And, Claudia Black Young Adult Center Clinical Director Leanne Lemire will offer a workshop on Honoring the Survivor Within.

• On Friday, Patrick Carnes, PhD, CAS, will address conference attendees with a presentation titled The Paradigm Crumbles: Science Struggles with Addiction, and will conduct a workshop called Heroes and Fame: Signifiers or Canaries in the Cage.

• On Saturday, John Bradshaw will give a presentation on Post-Romantic Stress Disorder and will conduct a workshop on Twelve Plus Experiences of Healthy Shame.

Conference attendees can also stop by our booth to learn more about our trauma, addiction, young adult, eating disorder, and outpatient programs.

To learn more about the conference, or to register, visit the U.S. Journal Training, Inc website.

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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 00:00

Pia Mellody to Speak at Beacon House Benefit

On September 25, Pia Mellody will speak about addiction, relationships, and the spiritual path to recovery at The Sunset Center in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The event is a benefit for Beacon House, a nonprofit treatment center for people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Tickets are available online or by phone at 831-620-2048. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to support Beacon House programs. Her presentation at the event is sponsored by The Meadows.

Pia Mellody is a Senior Fellow and senior clinical advisor for The Meadows. As a pioneer in the field of recovery, Pia's theories on the effects of childhood trauma have become the foundation for The Meadows' programs, and are a major reason for their success.

Pia is widely known as one of the preeminent authorities in the fields of addiction and relationships. Her work on codependency, boundaries and the effects of childhood trauma on emotional development has profoundly influenced the treatment of addictions and the issues of forming and maintaining relationships. She is the author of several influential books, including Facing Codependency, Facing Love Addiction, and The Intimacy Factor.

About Beacon House

Beacon House is Northern California's leading drug and alcohol rehab facility. As one of the first treatment centers in the Western United States, the Beacon House has helped thousands achieve lasting sobriety from alcohol and drugs. The Beacon House understands what is necessary to achieve a lifetime of recovery. As a nonprofit we invest all resources in delivering the highest level of individualized care at affordable prices. Located on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, the Beacon House promises a supportive environment for adult men and women seeking to realize a lifetime without drugs and alcohol.

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