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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 15:32

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for PTSD in Veterans

PTSD military treatment PTSD military treatment
The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has invested heavily in the dissemination of prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy (1), yet 30-50% of veterans participating in these therapies fail to show clinically significant improvements. Evidence suggests that mindfulness-based stress reduction, an intervention that teaches individuals to focus on the present moment in an accepting way, can result in reduced symptoms of PTSD (1).
A randomized clinical trial compared mindfulness-based stress reduction with an active, credible intervention, present-centered group therapy for PTSD. Participants in the mindfulness-based stress reduction group demonstrated greater improvement in self-reported PTSD symptom severity during treatment. Among veterans with PTSD, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, compared with present-centered group therapy, resulted in a greater decrease in PTSD symptom severity.

The Meadows Behavioral Health treatment can help to identify past traumas, current symptoms, and unhealthy coping mechanisms for PTSD. Additionally, the Meadows uses mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy to help reduce nervous system reactivity and restore its natural capacity for self-regulation. Treatment can help affected service members to let go of shame and self-destructive behaviors. Restoration of resiliency means that service members will once again feel confident in their abilities to manage everyday life situations.

The Meadows is a TRICARE Network Provider

The Meadows Behavioral Health is uniquely qualified with 40+ years of experience. No other treatment center in the country is currently integrating cutting-edge neurobehavioral treatment modalities with tried-and-true individual and group psychotherapies. That means that no other treatment center is offering treatment that truly, simultaneously, addresses the needs of the brain, mind, and body in treating PTSD and co-occurring disorders.

We are tremendously proud of our work with service members, veterans, and their families, and would be happy to help determine eligibility and benefits that can be utilized at The Meadows. We are privileged to be a TRICARE Preferred Provider of behavioral health and substance abuse inpatient services to active duty military members, veterans and their families. We are also in-network with TRICARE West.

For more information about The Meadows’ services and programs, call 800-244-4949. Our Intake Coordinators will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. All calls are kept completely confidential.

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