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Monday, 01 May 2017 13:50

Meadows Senior Fellows Featured at U.S. Journal Training Conference

Mental Health Conference Mental Health Conference

For behavioral health professionals, The U.S. Journal Training Conferences are some of most highly anticipated events of the year. Each even in their conference series gathers internationally-renowned experts and thought leaders to share their latest discoveries and insights into the human mind.

This year’s 4th Annual National Conference on TRAUMA, Addiction, and Intimacy Disorders in Nashville, Tenn., is certainly no exception. We are proud to be sponsors of this year’s conference and honored to have three of our Senior Fellows among the distinguished presenters.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

On Wednesday, May 3, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk will open the conference with his keynote, “Trauma, Body, and the Brain: Restoring the Capacity for Synchronicity and Imagination.” He will explain how recovery from trauma involves learning how to restore a sense of visceral safety and reclaiming a loving relationship with one’s self, one’s entire organism.

Dr. Kevin McCauley

On Thursday, May 4, Dr. Kevin McCauley will present “The Brain and Recovery: An Update on the Neuroscience of Addiction.” This lecture will summarize the most current neuroscientific research about addiction—research that explains how the brain constructs pleasurable experiences, what happens when this process goes wrong, and why this can have a dramatic impact on our ability to make proper choices.

Dr. Shelley Uram

Also on Thursday, May 4, Dr. Shelley Uram will present “Essential Living: A Guide to Having Happiness and Peace by Reclaiming Your Essential Self.” Her presentation will explore ways that we can find who we are at our very essence, how our ancient survival brain areas pull our attention away from this essence at a very young age, and how to get it back.

These three Senior Fellows help train our staff at The Meadows to be some of the best therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists working in the field today. We’re confident that those who attend their presentations will walk away with new insights, and new approaches to apply in their practices and in their own lives.

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