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National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

This October marks the fourth annual National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. President Obama issued this observation to highlight the role that substance abuse prevention plays in promoting safe and healthy communities for parents, youths, schools and community leaders across the nation.

Why Acknowledge Substance Abuse Prevention Month?

In President Obama’s proclamation designating October as prevention month, he stated that the consequences of substance abuse diminish achievement in our schools, create greater risks on our roads and in communities, and cut lives short.

Alcohol and drug abuse hurt too many Americans and the consequences are profound.

Chronic substance abuse can affect almost every aspect of your life, including:

  • Safety—car accidents, overdosing
  • Health—stress on organs
  • Neurological and emotional effects—depression, memory loss, mood swings
  • Legal—attorney and court costs, suspended driver license
  • Family—conflict, divorce, homelessness
  • Financial—loss of employment, alimony
  • Social—poor pier relationships, academic difficulties

As of 2013, almost 18 million Americans were classified as having alcohol dependence or abuse problems, and 23 million Americans were classified as illicit drug users. Americans ages 12 to 20 account for 11% of the country’s monthly alcohol consumption ("October Is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month." NCADD. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2014.). Prevention strategies for underage alcohol and drug use are the best approach to reducing the toll it takes on individuals, families and communities.

The President’s Drug Control Strategy promotes the expansion of national and community-based programs that reach out to young people at school and on college campuses as well as in the workplace. These programs provide information to help educate young people about making healthy decisions now and in the future. Research has found that every dollar invested in school-based substance use prevention programs could potentially save up to $18 in costs related to substance use disorders ("October 2014 Is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month." The White House. The White House, n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2014.).

This month has been a time to pay tribute to those who work tirelessly to prevent substance abuse in our communities and to remember those who have lost their lives to drugs and alcohol. There is still time to help prevent youth substance abuse this month locally by finding events near you.

The Meadows Can Help

At The Meadows, we understand the seriousness of substance abuse addiction. Our substance abuse treatment options range from detoxification to an intensive, inpatient psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction.

The idea of overcoming substance abuse addiction may seem overwhelming, but recovery is possible at The Meadows. Our multidisciplinary staff is trained to help individuals overcome their drug addiction in a safe and nurturing environment.

To begin your path to recovery and good health, contact an Intake Coordinator at 800-244-4949 or visit our Contact page.

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