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Monday, 21 November 2011 19:00

Dr. Shelley Uram on Chronic Trauma

Shelley Uram Shelley Uram

Dr. Shelley Uram on Chronic Trauma

One of America's most respected centers for treating trauma and addiction, The Meadows presents a 16-part video series, viewable on YouTube, in which Dr. Shelley Uram addresses topics ranging from family dysfunction to the benefits of Somatic Experiencing.

In the installment titled "Chronic Trauma," Dr. Uram - a psychologist and senior fellow at The Meadows - defines chronic trauma and discusses how it affects the brain. She explains that our "fight, flight, and/or freeze" adaptation isn't meant to be frequently engaged. Individuals who suffer from frequent or ongoing trauma, therefore, can inadvertently become "chronic fighters," "chronic flighters," and "chronic freezers," all of which suffocate the authentic self.

Dr Shelley Uram – Chronic Trauma

In other videos in this series, Dr. Uram shares her expertise on trauma triggers, addiction, and the effects of emotional trauma on memory.

Shelley Uram, M.D., is a Harvard-trained, triple board-certified psychiatrist who speaks nationally and internationally on the brain's survival wiring - and how it can interfere with modern life. As a senior fellow at The Meadows, Dr. Uram conducts patient lectures and trains staff members. She also serves as a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at The University of Arizona College of Medicine, and she treats patients in her Phoenix office.

The Meadows' video series includes interviews with other prominent figures in the mental health field, including John Bradshaw and Maureen Canning; see To learn more about The Meadows' innovative treatment program for PTSD and other disorders, visit or call 800-244-4949.

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