As one of the very best addictions, trauma, and anxiety treatment centers, our goal is to provide our patients with an opportunity for healing and recovery. Whether it’s through our workshops, our range of modern and integrative therapies, or support groups, The Meadows exists to heal your trauma and provide you with the tools to transform your life.

Throughout the course of a day, a patient will attend a variety of lectures, workshops, therapies, and treatments in a combination of individual and group settings. Patients have a structured weekly schedule with time blocked out for all the different activities throughout each day, though the specifics vary from patient to patient.

A Day at the Meadows

Before breakfast, patients have time for exercise in the fitness center or the pool and daily yoga. Breakfast is followed by peer meetings, fitness time, or acupuncture. During the week, patients participate in different group therapies and spirituality practices before lunch.

Lunchtime also serves as an assessment time, to talk about a patient’s progress or issues with counselors. The afternoon is filled with fitness and pool time, specific topic group sessions, individual therapies, and meetings with the Senior Fellows. Throughout the week, patients have the opportunity to attend different lectures and experiences, depending on their specific schedules.

Dinner is an opportunity to focus on good eating habits and wellness, offering patients a chance to talk to their counselors and peers. After dinner, patients have blocked out fitness or yoga time, followed by nightly meditation and 12-Step programs.

The Meadows daily structure is the foundational element to creating an environment that focuses on healing and recovery. Standards such as designated time for disabling phones and computers during the day allow patients to disengage from distraction and focus on discovering themselves and finding healing.

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