The Meadows’ dedication to using holistic methods is often a selling point for patients. We are proud of our reputation as experts in using breakthrough techniques to help patients find peace. We are also proud of our incorporation of ancient healing methods from around the world.

Many alternative or progressive exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga reduce stress by focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit. We also incorporate Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicinal technique that eases pain, alleviates stress, and promotes wellness.

Mindfulness Meditation is an ancient practice that involves attending to the present moment with non-judgemental acceptance. While Mindfulness can be practiced during meditation, it can be practiced in everyday situations to improve emotional, mental, and physical health.

The Meadows incorporates Mindfulness techniques and practices into many treatments, from lectures and practical exercises to its emphasis on meditation and Yoga. While it isn’t always called “Mindfulness,” much of the therapeutic work at The Meadows serves to increase mindful awareness and acceptance of various bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that might have caused pain or suffering in the past.

The Meadows’ use of these holistic practices and ancient healing methods foster an open, curious and non-judgemental approach to life’s challenges, providing a key component to the trauma and addiction recovery process.

To learn more about The Meadows’ Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, and Mindfulness Meditation programs, call 800-244-4949.