Nutrition and Treatment

Decades of research have shown that a balanced diet improves well-being, minimizes stress, and increases spiritual consciousness. We believe that nutritional guidance and counseling is a valuable part of the healing process that extends far beyond a patient’s time at The Meadows.

One of our therapeutic models focuses on nutritional discussion and diet planning. Our nutrition experts work with patients to carefully analyze their food intake and pinpoint positive changes that can be made. The nutrition experts design a healthy diet that will positively impact the patients’ well-being, encouraging and motivating them to take what they learn at The Meadows out into their everyday life.

Recent studies show that certain functions of the brain are directly affected by the food an individual consumes. Nutritional deficiencies deprive the body of its fuel reserves, leading to mood swings, fatigue, and sleep disorders. Poor nutrition is a primary cause of severe medical conditions including arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and eating disorders.

Good nutrition provides the body with energy, more restful sleep, a stronger immune system, improved focus, and concentration. We also emphasize the importance of regular exercise and a well-planned diet, working with patients to set realistic nutritional goals to create a healthy lifestyle.

For more information about The Meadows’ Nutritional Consultation program, call 800-244-4949.