Combining Art and Treatment

A distinguishing characteristic of The Meadows’ treatment process is our focus on integrating holistic methods into our therapies. Expressive Arts Therapy, or art therapy, encourages patients to express themselves through a variety of activities and helps patients process what they learn during group sessions.

Art room at The MeadowsThrough assisting patients on a personal journey of discovery and expression, Expressive Arts Therapy is a longtime and useful tool used at The Meadows. Our staff believes that embedding art and self-expression into therapy has many significant advantages for patients, as Expressive Arts Therapy gives patients the ability to share perceptions they can’t typically share in other therapy methods.

When patients are given a creative, unstructured environment for personal expression, they experience a freedom that allows them to unearth and dissect their inner feelings, which is an important part of the healing process. By using images to communicate, patients often better express their feelings than if they were to convey emotions verbally.

The Meadows’ treatment program aims to ensure all patients have the tools needed to continue down a path of healing and recovery. Expressive Arts Therapy sessions are not only for “artists,” and the works of art created are not the final product. Rather, the simple yet profound exercise of Expressive Arts Therapy is about what patients can recognize and realize about themselves.

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