If your loved one is struggling with an addiction or disorder, The Meadows can help. In 40years, we have helped more than 45,000 patients and workshop attendees face and overcome their struggles.


A cornerstone of The Meadows Model and philosophy is that we believe each patient comes with an individual story and experience. In our treatment, we do everything to honor each patient’s uniqueness through a custom tailored combination of therapies designed to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth. Learn more about our therapies.

We Get It

Many of our staff members are in some form of recovery themselves, having experienced portions of the very issues with which our clients are struggling. Having this deeper understanding allows our staff to identify with clients on a level that often breaks through their skepticism and doubt, a critical step on the road to recovery.

We Understand Your Concerns

Having a loved one go to treatment can be an overwhelming experience, and the time leading up to the decision often comes with significant pain and anxiety. The Meadows understands this and works with families to make rehab a positive experience for all.

If your loved one is struggling with an addiction or mental health issue, The Meadows can help. In our 40 year history, we have helped more than 45,000 patients and workshop attendees face and overcome their struggles.

Start Your Recovery Today

The Meadows exists to heal your unresolved emotional trauma and provide you with the tools to transform your life. Whether you or someone you love is entering treatment for the first time, or a relapse occurs, The Meadows Model is unparalleled in producing successful outcomes for recovery and a proven vanguard for treating trauma and addiction.

  1. This Is How We Can Help:

    Our private treatment programs help men and women struggling to overcome emotional trauma, addiction, complex mental health issues, and co-occurring conditions in a safe, confidential setting.

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Long Lasting Recovery

Patients in our care follow a proven timeline designed to help them identify, understand, treat and overcome their addictions and negative behaviors.

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Will The Meadows
Work For Me?

Extensive assessments create the basis for an accurate, personalized recovery plan.

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Acquire the means to better cope with life, and live in the present.

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World Renowned

Clinical guidance by world-renowned experts.

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Stay(ing) connected in your recovery.

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Find a Program That is Right for You

We understand a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment isn’t beneficial to most individuals. Therefore, we offer a specialized continuum of behavioral health services designed to meet your needs.

The Meadows’ exceptional combination of clinical leadership and positive outcomes sets us apart from other trauma, addiction, and recovery treatment centers.

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Healing The Family

Family members and their loved one work together from the time of admission to break dysfunctional cycles and patterns.

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Trusted by Professionals

Providing your patients the highest quality care from our masters’ level clinicians, board-certified psychiatrists, and 24-hour nursing staff.

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Patient Focused Recovery

Providing you a customized treatment experience that respects and honors your specific needs.

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