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National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

October 23, 2014

This October marks the fourth annual National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. President Obama issued this observation to highlight the role that substance abuse prevention plays in promoting safe and healthy communities for parents, youths, schools and community leaders across the nation. Why Acknowledge Substance Abuse Prevention Month? In President Obama’s…

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Depression Treatment

The Journey through Addiction and Depression to Hope and Recovery

October 16, 2014

This article first appeared in the October 2014 edition of Together AZ; reprinted with permission. By Joyce M. Willis, LPC On August 12, 2014, the day after Robin Williams committed suicide, I was talking to my neighbor about this tragic death. My neighbor stated, “What a fool, he had everything…

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Sex Addiction Treatment

Therapeutic Disclosure and the Partner of a Sex Addict

October 10, 2014

By Heidi Kinsella, MA, LMHCA, NCC, ASAT Family Counselor, Gentle Path at The Meadows You just found out your husband has been unfaithful in numerous ways and has been acting out for years. You want to know everything—you have a NEED to know everything. However, he has entered sex addiction…

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Sex Addiction Treatment

A Therapist’s View of Treatment at Gentle Path at The Meadows

October 3, 2014

By Heidi Kinsella, MA, LMHCA, NCC, ASAT Family Counselor, Gentle Path at The Meadows When I came to work as a therapist at Gentle Path at The Meadows, I quickly discovered that this treatment center was special and provided patients with a different kind of experience than anything I had…

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Sexual Addiction

Unity and Recovery in Sex Addiction Treatment

October 1, 2014

By Amy Levinson, MPA, MA, LASAC, CSAT Candidate Unity is our most cherished quality. We find a greater personal freedom than any other society knows. In that sense, our society is a benign anarchy. The word 'anarchy' has a bad meaning to most of us… But I think that the…

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Claudia Black

Claudia Black Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

September 30, 2014

Dr. Claudia Black, MSW, Ph.D., was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by NAADAC, the National Association for Addiction Professionals on September 27, 2014 for her outstanding contributions to the addiction education and treatment field. Dr. Black, a Senior Fellow and Addiction and Trauma Program Specialist at The Meadows,…

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Addiction Treatment

Spotlight on Dawn at The Meadows

September 26, 2014

Submitted by Nancy Bailey, Ph.D. Clinical Director, The Meadows It has been just about a year since The Meadows officially opened its treatment program specifically for young adults. We continue to enhance our services and build upon the work we do with young adults. There are many exciting things happening…

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Bessel Van Der Kolk

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, The Meadows Senior Fellow, Releases New Book

September 25, 2014

The Meadows sets itself apart from other trauma, addiction, and recovery treatment centers with its clinical leadership that is guided by world-renowned Senior Fellows who are thought-leaders in their fields. This is exemplified by the just released new book by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, “The Body Keeps the Score:…

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Equine Therapy

Special, Discounted Offer on Spirit: A Somatic Equine Workshop

September 11, 2014

Jump-Start Your Recovery With SPIRIT: A SOMATIC EQUINE WORKSHOP Now through the end of the year, The Meadows is offering Spirit: A Somatic Equine Workshop at a special price of $3,500. This is a great opportunity to experience this unique workshop at a price that is only slightly higher than…

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Jessica Martindale

A Survivor's Journey: Jessica Martindale

September 10, 2014

Jessica Martindale attended The Meadows Survivors workshop a few years ago and has since gone on to pursue her dream of singing. She recently contacted the Meadows to share her thoughts on her experience and how what she learned has impacted her life. As we enter the season of thanks,…

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